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All weekend tickets include camping

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Weekend camping ticket

Your weekend ticket includes camping.

There is no requirement to camp if you would prefer to stay off-site and travel in each day.

You are unable to camp with a day ticket.

Quiet Campsite

For those of you who fancy a little extra shut-eye and a break from the party atmosphere of the standard campsites…

Quiet Camp is a dedicated area in the standard campsites, located within Green. You must book your free spot in advance alongside your Weekend or Weekend + Early Entry festival ticket.

If you’re staying in this campsite we ask that you keep noise to a minimum after 1am, including turning off any portable speakers.

Please respect your campsite neighbour’s need for sleep by observing the quiet time – Remember tent walls aren’t as thick as your walls back home! If you fancy a late-night party we would ask you to head to the late night stages.

Please note some noise caused by festival production / vehicles / the general buzz of an outdoor camping festival will be unavoidable.

Eco Campsite

The Leeds Eco Campsite is back again!

Thanks to the amazing people who stayed last year, making it a huge success!

Eco Campsite is for like-minded people who want to make a difference: You live life with the planet in mind, and want to stay in a clean, green field for a festival you’ll remember. This is the campsite for you.

There is no extra cost to stay in the Eco Camp, but it comes with plenty of perks, as thanks for doing your part to keep it clean, recycle, and take home all your belongings. Your campsite is secure and exclusive to the campers choosing to stay here, it has clean and fresh compost loos, and hosts free group activities like yoga.

The Eco Campsite is for like-minded people who want to make a difference: You live life with the planet in mind, and want to stay in a clean, green field for a festival you’ll remember.

We must tell the truth about the climate emergency: Climate change is happening now, our past actions are the cause, and our future actions can help to alter the outcome.

To stay in the Eco Camp every guest has to sign up to the following principles:

1. All guests agree to respect their fellow campers: Be inclusive and curious, talk about what is important to you, and enjoy the festival together.

2. All guests agree to respect the environment by protecting biodiversity and avoiding littering: Separate your recyclable materials, use the toilets provided, and don’t cause excess waste.

3. All guests agree to leave the campsite exactly as they found it: Everyone here has joined the call, take your tent home, and show the way forward.

Create Your Future. Stay in the Leeds Eco Campsite in 2024.

There will be 2  Eco Campsites, located within both the Yellow & Green Campsites. The Yellow Eco Campsite will be most convenient for those choosing to travel via the Shuttle Bus or Coach, and Green Eco Campsite will be closest for those arriving via Car. Camping space within both the Yellow and Green Eco Campsites will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Once 1 Eco Campsite is full, you’ll be directed to the other.

In order to access the Leeds Eco Campsite, persons must also hold a valid weekend ticket to Rockstar Energy presents Leeds Festival 2024, as such it is understood that you must adhere to the festival terms and conditions. This registration form entitles you to book space in Eco Campsite only and you will be given an additional Leeds Eco Campsite wristband to access the area.

Camping Plus

Located right by Yellow Camping, Camping Plus offers something for everyone’s purse strings. Bring your own tent to save the pennies and cash in on the luxury facilities or truly pamper yourself with an Emperor Tent, Luxury Tipi, Crew Hut or more.

As well as upgraded accommodation options, the Camping Plus area also offers:

  • Access to the private Camping Plus campsite
  • 24-hour reception
  • Security
  • Proper toilets
  • Warm showers

Pamper area with:

  • Blow dryers
  • Straighteners
  • Make up mirrors
  • Phone charging at reception (at extra cost)
  • Camping Plus wristband

Weekend Festival Tickets are not included in Camping Plus, anyone staying in Camping Plus must also book Weekend Festival Tickets to be able to use the accommodation / pitch.


Campsite Opening Times

Go get your tent set up! Our campsite opening hours are as follows:

Early Bird Ticket holders: 12:00 Noon Wednesday 21st August

Weekend ticket holders: 03:00 Thursday 22nd August

Campsite closes at midday Monday 26th August

Please note: Opening times and running orders are subject to change without warning, all changes will be shown at the Information Tents, published in locations onsite and posted online.

Pink Moon Boutique Village

In 2024 Pink Moon will be back with their unique camping packages to suit all budgets. With a Standard, Classic and Deluxe range, you can find a range of options from the standard tents to luxury bells with options for all price ranges. With access to clean toilets and hot showers, pamper stations, phone charging and much more, the Pink Moon Boutique Village has everything you need to enjoy your weekend at Leeds.


Hotel rates are more expensive during festival time and get booked up very quickly. Please book in advance or consider camping (included within your weekend ticket) which we recommend for a full festival experience.