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Staying Green

Climate change requires urgent action – we can no longer ignore the damaging effects we’re contributing to our planet! The recent IPCC Report on Global Warming highlights the risks and irreversible losses that would take place at 2 degrees or more warming. At a warming of 2 degrees virtually all coral reefs will be lost, sea levels will rise affecting low-level coastal regions and huge numbers of animals and plants will become extinct, we will exhaust our natural resources and will need 1.7 Earths to keep up with our current demand of consumption.

However, instead of worrying about the future, we can start making it better if we work together!

We work very closely with Julie’s Bicycle, a not-for-profit organisation working on sustainability within the creative industries, as part of their Industry Green certification. In 2017 we achieved a fantastic 4 / 5 stars and Leeds was crowned Best Festival at the Creative Green Awards 2018, thank you to everyone for participating!  You can read the full report here.

We are also proud to be one of the 70 Vision Festival’s committed to reducing our carbon emissions, read more here about the Vision Festival:2025 pledge.

Travel Impact

Travelling to the festival makes up 80% of the total carbon emissions generated (source: The Show Must Go On Report, 2015). You could travel by public transport or car share to help reduce this.

See the latest report here.


Energy generation is one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide emissions globally and in the UK.

All of our tower and festoon lights are 100% LED. LED lights are 95% more environmentally friendly than fluorescent and incandescent lights.
Last year Reading festival used two-hybrid generators. These use renewable energy from the sun to charge up batteries to power the areas more efficiently. We aim for 15% of our total fuel to be run on Waste Vegetable Oil Biofuel.

Big Green Coach

We’ve partnered with Big Green Coach once again as the official travel provider to Leeds Festival 2019. Travelling by coach uses less carbon than travelling by car.

  • Last year, by choosing the coach instead of the car for your festival travel, Big Green Coach saved enough travel miles to take you to the moon and back 46 times.
  • Last year the average carbon saving made by Big Green Coach passengers was enough to boil 7.8 million kettles.
  • Big Green Coach sponsor and protect 5 sq ft of rainforest for 10 years for each coach seat sold.
  • Big Green Coach have protected over 1 million sq ft of rainforest through our sponsorship initiatives.
  • Coach travel is between 4 to 6 times more environmentally friendly than taking a car to a festival. Using Big Green Coach is a positive step towards reducing the environmental impact caused by festival travel.

With 39 pick up locations, there’s bound to be one near you. Return journeys start from just £33, book now before prices go up!

Skint? No worries, Big Green Coach have you covered with their DEPOSIT SCHEME where you can cover the cost of a coach seat and festival ticket for next to nothing and pay the balance later.

Waste Strategy

We run a three-bin system at the festival, which means every bin station in the campsite and main arena will be formed by 3 bins:

COMPOST – When you buy food from the traders, everything your food comes in is compostable so plates, cutlery and napkins can be placed in the compost bins along with the food scraps.  Please make sure no plastic goes into the compost.

RECYCLE – Plastic bottles, aluminium cans, newspapers, magazines and clean and dry cardboard (no used greasy pizza boxes as these do not recycle).

GENERAL WASTE – There should be minimal left over that goes into General Waste.

Zero Waste Campsites

After a really really successful 2018 NiftyBins are back to have more fun with ZeroWaste recycling.  Thank you so much for everyone who used the system last year, we were over whelmed with the response.  Please join us again in helping clean up our own environment, we will have many more recycling points across the festival this year, please spread the word of separation education and camp in a cleaner field each year.

Tents and Camping Equipment

Only bring what you can take home with you!  When packing ready for the festival weekend, remember to pack wisely and only bring essential items.

Pink Moon offer pre-pitched tents or if you’re bringing your own tent we ask you to take it home, along with any other camping equipment.

If you have any broken tents chairs, gazebos, empty batteries, unopened tins of food after the festival, please take them to the Recycling Points.

The reality is that abandoned tents end up in the landfill because it is impossible to recycle or reuse them.

Say no to single-use, reuse your tent!  Buy a durable tent that you can use again each year, it will save you money in the long run.

If you really, really don’t want your tent, please pack it up and hand it into the Recycling Points in the campsites. Donated gear will make its way to charitable and community organisations.

Recycling Champion Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the recycling championship at Leeds, the winning raffle ticket numbers are;

Gold 141128-58825835-183614852-437-500-CR

Please email [email protected] with a photo of your winning ticket reference number to claim you prize!

If you did not win this time you are all recycling champions to us.

Keep up the good work!