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Have a question about tickets, passes, vendors or wristbands? This section holds the answer.

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2021 Tickets

Leeds Festival is SOLD OUT.

Please beware of scammers and only buy or sell tickets via trusted resellers including Ticketmaster, See Tickets and EventIm.

Please note there are no Print At Home tickets, but we are aware people are trying to sell these.

Click here to read our full support article.

Weekend Tickets

Leeds Festival 2021 Weekend tickets, Early Entry and Campervan passes are Sold Out.

Weekend tickets allow access to campsites from Thursday, 26th August 2021 until close of campsite on Monday, 30th August 2021 – and access to the Arena on all show days. Weekend Tickets will be swapped for a wristband that allows for unlimited re-entry to and from the site for the holder. We do not sell Weekend Tickets without camping.

Early Entry Passes

These tickets are only valid when presented in conjunction with a valid Weekend Ticket, they allow access to the campsites from 2pm on Wednesday, 25th August 2021 for people who want to set up camp early.

They are not valid for use in conjunction with Guest Tickets or Disabled Access Tickets as these campsites do not open until Thursday.

Instalment Plans

Please read the full terms and conditions for each instalment plan here.

Instalment Plan 1 – September

Instalment Plan 2 – October

Instalment Plan 3 – November

Instalment Plan 4 – December 

Instalment Plan 5 – January

Instalment Plan 6 – February


Instalment Plans 2021 FAQs

1. My instalment plan payment didn’t come out on the first of the month, what’s going on?

Instalment plan payments are taken on the 1st of each month, if the 1st falls on the weekend the withdrawal will be made on the following working day. It may take a day for the withdrawal to show up in your bank statements.

If payment was not withdrawn on your instalment plan dates it means Ticketmaster couldn’t take payment either due to insufficient funds in the account or the card has expired/been declined.

2. I missed my instalment payment due to insufficient funds in my account / my card details have changed since I signed up can you help me, I don’t want to lose my ticket?

Please contact your ticket agent directly regarding tickets you have already purchased including making changes to your email/postal address/payment details as we are unable to help with ticket enquiries. If you booked on the website, this will be Ticketmaster. Please get in touch here: 

3. I would like to cancel my instalment plan as I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

You are welcome to cancel your instalment plan at any time and receive a refund for all monies paid so far, however you will not receive a refund of the £5 transaction fee. To request a refund, please contact Ticketmaster here:

4. Can I pay my instalment plan off in full?

You are welcome to pay off your instalment plan in full at any point, to do so please contact Ticketmaster here:

Booking and Postage Fees

Booking fees per ticket may vary depending on ticket vendor. Postage fees may apply and can vary depending on your address and postage method.

Car Park Passes

Parking is included within the price of all tickets at Leeds Festival.

Official Ticket Vendors


The only Authorised sellers for Leeds Festival were:

Ticketmaster (primary)

Big Green Coach

Crash Records



Jumbo Records

See Tickets

Tickets Scotland

Ticket Factory





The only official resale outlets are:


See Tickets

Gigantic have a trusted resale partner (Twickets).


No other agents are authorised to sell and any listing on unauthorised site cannot be guaranteed to gain entry to the events.


Anti-tout information

Beware of unauthorised ticket agents and individual re-sellers  (including tickets offered on eBay, Gumtree and Craigslist, Instagram and Facebook and re-sale sites such as Viagogo and Stubhub), buying from them can be a lot of trouble. It’s possible you’ll pay over the odds for a ticket that may have never existed or might never materialise.

If you have been the victim of a ticket scam please report the website to Action Fraud.

We have compiled a guide to avoiding touts and unauthorised websites and agents. We recommend you DO NOT BUY from these sites. We the promoter (Festival Republic) have not supplied any of these sites with any festival tickets and cannot guarantee the authenticity of any tickets they may be offering for sale.  For more information see our guide here.

If you would like confirmation that a website is authorised or not, you can call our information line on 020 7009 3001.

We monitor the internet and do what we can to prevent fraudulent activity but the best way to prevent fraud is to not risk buying from unauthorised sources.

Wristband Exchange

All tickets must be exchanged for a wristband on first entry.


These allow access to campsites from Thursday, 26th August 2021 until close of campsite on Monday, 30th August 2021 and access to the Arena on all show days. Weekend wristbands allow unlimited re-entry to and from the site for the holder. There is no re-entry on ticket alone. We do not sell Weekend Tickets without camping.

Your Wristband

You have one job over the weekend, just one: don’t lose or try to undo your wristband. They can’t be replaced and if they’ve been tampered with you may be evicted.

Here are a few tips on looking after your wristband:

  1. When our staff are putting it on, don’t let it hang loosely around your wrist. Keep it snug
  2. Don’t cut it, burn it, draw on it, tamper with it
  3. If you lose your wristband and are outside the Arena go to the nearest wristband exchange gate for help. If you’re inside the Arena go to the Arena entrance and ask for help

Age Restrictions

We welcome all ages to the festival. However, there are entry restrictions for under 16s and we do advise not bringing young children. Anyone 15 and under must be accompanied by a ticket holder over 18 years old at all times. Children under 13 years are admitted free. ID may be required upon entry to the event.

Please bring ID if you look under 21 years old and remember that legally there is no automatic right to be served alcohol. Service is always at the discretion of the licensee for whatever reason they decide, and the licensee is under no obligation to explain the reason.

Please bring the original document as you won’t be able to use a photocopied version. If you don’t have any of these, or don’t want to lose valuable documents on site, we suggest that you apply for a PASS approved ID, some of which are free to get.

We do not accept any parental or supervisory duty of care or liability for any under 18’s on site.

Young Children

Whilst we do allow under 13s to attend for free, we do suggest that this event is not suitable for young children. If you do want to bring children along, although there is no ‘dedicated quiet campsite’ area, we recommend the Brown campsite.

On entering the event, children will be given Tyvek wristbands which have a space on the inside for you to write your name and telephone number (as a parent or guardian). We can use this as a primary contact to reunite you. Replacements can be picked up at the Welfare Tent or the Information Points.