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Festival Dates

Leeds Festival 2018 will take place on Thursday, 23rd – Sunday, 26th August 2018.

Lost Property

To report lost property please email

All reasonable attempts will be made to reunite lost items with their owners where possible (i.e. numbers will be called on phones, wallets with addresses contacted). After a period of 6 weeks, any unclaimed items will be donated to charity or in the case of passports, bank cards and driving licences, these will be returned to the correct bank, passport and DVLA office.

Valid ID

ID may be required upon entry to the festival.

We have a Challenge 21 Policy on site and the following are accepted as ID on site:

  • A Passport (Not a photocopy)
  • Driving Licence
  • A Proof of Age Card bearing a PASS hologram
  • A Ministry of Defence identity card
  • A National identity card issued by an EU member state

Please bring the original document as you won’t be able to use a photocopied version. If you don’t have any of these, or don’t want to lose valuable documents on site, we suggest that you apply for a PASS approved ID, some of which are free to get.

Please bring ID if you look under 21 years old, and remember that legally there is no automatic right to be served alcohol. Service is always at the discretion of the licensee for whatever reason he or she decides, and the licensee is under no obligation to explain the reason.

Please note: This may vary with certain establishments/traders onsite


Leeds Festival 2018 Lockers are on sale now and you can purchase one here.

All lockers have USB ports for phone charging – only one charging device per locker. Please remember to bring your own USB cable!

What you can and can’t bring

There will be no receipts issued for any confiscated/surrendered items. You may be searched at the entrances and upon exit from the festival site.

Item Campsite Arena
Aerosols over 250ml No No No No
Air horns and megaphones No No No No
Alcohol for personal consumption
18+ only. Alcohol in the possession of under 18s will be confiscated
Yes Yes (until 6pm on Sunday) No No
All gas canisters of any size (including nitrous oxide) No No No No
(other than registered hearing dogs or guide dogs)
No No No No
Any goods for unauthorised trading/with unauthorised Reading/Leeds Festival logos No No No No
Any items which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
includes any item which may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person
No No No No
Audio recorders Yes Yes No No
Bags larger than A4 Size or equivalent (8.27"x11.69") Yes Yes No No
Camping equipment
includes cutlery, tin openers and multi-tools (Weekend Ticket holders only)
Yes Yes No No
Cans Yes Yes No No
Chairs Yes Yes No No
Paper Lanterns No No No No
Cigarettes for personal use Yes Yes Yes Yes
Disposable BBQs and permitted cooking stoves
Greenheat Base Camp Cooker, solid fuel stoves, Disposable BBQs, firelighters/firelighter stoves - Meth/trangia spirit stoves
Yes Yes No No
Drones No No No No
Firewood Yes Yes (until 6pm on Sunday) No No
Fireworks or flares No No No No
Fitted gas canisters/cylinders in campervans Yes Yes No No
Flags Yes Yes No No
Gazebos Yes Yes No No
Glass No No No No

Terms And Conditions

Please take some time to read our policies before you arrive at the festival.

The Pass Out System Will Be In Place At The Campsite Gates On Sunday After 8pm

Anyone leaving the site after 6pm on Sunday will be given a hand stamp if they are planning to come back in, and then after 8pm the only people who are permitted back onto site will be those with our hand stamp in addition to their valid festival pass or wristband.