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Volunteer At Leeds

Volunteering is a great way to see a whole new side to the festival. You’ll have a great time, meet new people and help some awesome causes. What do you get when you volunteer?

  • Gaining entry to the best festival on earth
  • Time to see some amazing acts
  • Oodles of memories

For all volunteering, you’ll need to be 18 or over by the time you arrive at the festival site, have proof to volunteer in the UK (contact the respective volunteer organisation or visit their website for more information) and be available to work the shifts allocated to you throughout the weekend.

Each volunteer opportunity comes with different roles, so take a look below at what takes your fancy and get in touch with them now!

Volunteer with Hotbox

Campsite Volunteers

You can gain access to this summer’s Leeds Festival by volunteering with us!

Our volunteers play a big part in creating the amazing atmosphere at Leeds Festival by helping the festival goers to get the most out of their festival; by joining the team as a volunteer you can help us to continue making Leeds one of the best festivals in the world!

When volunteering at Leeds you’ll get free entry to the festival, lots of free time to enjoy the music, make new friends whilst volunteering, gain experience, contacts, and a reference for your CV, get access to staff camping, cafe, toilets and showers, and most importantly have an amazing time you’ll never forget!

Our volunteers get involved with all sorts at Leeds, including:

  • Providing information including directions, facilities, and performances, to ensure the festival goers have the best weekend possible.
  • Working in the festival’s campsites, arenas, on gates, fire towers, and wristband exchanges.
  • Being proactive and alert to any potential problems e.g. a build-up of litter or faulty facilities.
  • Promoting crime awareness and crime prevention to the public.
  • Helping festival goers carry their belongings and pitch their tents.
  • Working with onsite teams to ensure medical, fire and security issues are dealt with promptly and safely.
  • Helping to prevent overcrowding and on hand to monitor crowd safety.
  • Assisting the public to create an environment where they feel safe.

If you’d like to find out more about volunteering at Leeds, head over to Hotbox Events.

You can drop the team an email at [email protected]

Or go straight to the volunteer application.

Leeds volunteers

Volunteer With Greenpeace

Once again, Greenpeace will be running the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for cups and bottles at Leeds Festival. They are looking for some keen, engaged and enthusiastic volunteers to join them. If you are interested please click here for more information and to access the application form.

Volunteer with DC Site Services

One way to enjoy more of the festival is by volunteering to be a Traffic Marshall.  You complete 24 hours’ worth of shifts before the main event begins and when it ends, by helping the Traffic Team direct vehicles into and out of car parks or campervan fields and around the festival site.  Duties may include:

  • Car parking
  • Campervan parking
  • Using hand signals to direct traffic
  • Chaperone Vehicles
  • Ensuring the adherence to one way systems
  • Directing pedestrians to walkways

This volunteer position is suited to those with a bit more energy to burn off and to those who are happy working in a big team. Here you can gain insight into the background workings of a festival where you will learn about different types of access routes and safety procedures used as people arrive and leave in their thousands!

For more information and to sign up click here.

Volunteer with Oxfam

As an Oxfam volunteer, you are part of a large team representing Leeds and Oxfam to the festival-goers.

We provide essential roles on site to ensure the festival runs smoothly and the festival-goers are safe. You will be asked to part with a one-off refundable deposit in exchange for your ticket, this is returned to you after the festival on completion of your shifts. It also gives you access to over 20 other festivals this summer if you want to do more.

To sign up for Leeds please reserve your spot here.


Oxfam and Festival Republic have had a very long and brilliant relationship for many years. The appalling stories that have been reported recently doesn’t detract from our working partnership or affect how many millions have been raised from their charitable efforts and how many lives have been saved by their teams who are honourable, dedicated and amazing.

Oxfam is full of brilliant and compassionate people who have been let down by a few appalling individuals in the field and a leadership that failed to root it out. What needs to be focused on now is getting rid of those that don’t deserve the title of working there. The commitments the organisation has made to me gives me confidence that will happen and is happening.

Melvin Benn, MD of Festival Republic.