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The Arena

Wondering when the arena opens and what you’ll find inside? Look no further

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Opening Times


  • Early Bird Ticket holders: 12:00 Noon Wednesday 23rd August 2023
  • Weekend ticket holders: 03:00 Thursday 24th August 2023

After which the campsite is open 24 Hours, individuals can arrive at any time

Campsite closes at midday Monday 28th August 2023


  • Thursday, 24th August 2023: 17:00 – 03:00
  • Friday, 26th – Sunday, 27th August 2023: 11:00 – 03:00

Food and Drink

There are several bars in the Arena.

Only food for personal consumption may be brought into the Arena.

We only allow sealed soft drinks under 500ml, as well as empty reusable water bottles of any size into the Arena.

Please refill your empty bottles at the water points inside the Arena for free.


Meeting And Information Points

We don’t have any official meeting points onsite, so when you do arrive arrange some key meeting points for if you happen to get lost. Try to choose locations that will not get too crowded and are easily located – day or night.

There is an Information Tent located in The Village which can act as an excellent location and provide help locating any other areas.

Water Points

There are tested drinking water points throughout the Arena which are free to use. If you notice any issue with our water points, let a member of staff know so that they can get it fixed.

Cash Points

Leeds is a cashless festival. All food, drinks/beverages and merchandise will be cashless. Cash machines will NOT be available at this year’s festival.