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Campervan and Caravan Passes

Campervan and Caravan for 2021 are available now via our Tickets Page.

Every occupant of the campervan must also be in the possession of a valid Weekend Ticket to the event.

The campervan ticket must be displayed inside your vehicle windscreen before you arrive on site, so that we are able to direct you to the right place.

No vehicles are permitted in the standard campsites and only towing vehicles for caravans are permitted in the campervan fields.

You will not be permitted to sleep in the standard car park.

There are no electrical hook ups for campervans anywhere on site.

Campervans cannot be parked with tents in the campsite; they will be located on one end of the campsite to comply with non-negotiable licence conditions.

If you are not clear if your vehicle constitutes a campervan, see our terms and conditions.

Access Campsite

If attending Leeds Festival for the weekend, Access Customers can apply (via our Access Requirements Form) to stay in our Access Campsite containing additional Access facilities. By locating these facilities in one campsite we can ensure that they are serviced, cleaned and maintained regularly.

The Access Campsite is located as close as to the Arena as possible to the Arena, staffed 24 hours, and where our Access Team are based.

Campsite facilities include:

  • Wheelchair accessible toilets and showers
  • A Changing Places Unit featuring a changing bed, a toilet, sink and a hoist. Please be aware that access customers must bring their own sling.
  • This unit is not for sleeping.
  • Standard toilets and showers
  • Drinking water points and accessible sink
  • Waste-disposal point
  • Electrical points for charging wheelchairs or mobility scooters
  • Fridge for secure medication storage
  • Campsite hub and information (where our Access Team are based)


As well as you and your PA, we also allow up to two friends to camp with you  in the Access Campsite (a maximum of 4 people including you). You must register the number of your group during the application process so that they are issued with the appropriate wristbands to access the Access Campsite.


We can accommodate a limited number of campervans in the Access Campsite. To bring a campervan please select this option in your application. We will then email you the link to purchase an Access Campervan Ticket.

Please note: Campervan Tickets are supplementary (in addition to your festival ticket) and as such will incur an additional charge.

Applying for Access

In order to provide the best possible experience, we ask that everyone who wishes to use the access facilities at Leeds Festival complete and submit an Access Requirements Form prior to arriving on-site.


Our 2022 Access Requirement Form is: not currently open.

We are aiming to open applications early 2022. Please sign up to our Mailout list to be notified for this HERE.

Please note you need to buy a standard ticket in advance before applying, but do not need to buy a general campervan if requiring this within the disabled access campsite. We send you a link to buy this after you have been approved.


Small bonfires (no larger than knee height) are permitted within the campsites, excluding the campervan area. All bonfires will be monitored closely by stewards and security and instruction must be adhered to if requested to extinguish the fire.

There are no fires/bonfires permitted anywhere at all within the arena. Anyone seen creating or fuelling a bonfire at any location will be evicted from the festival site on the spot.