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11 Tweets that’ll have you wishing you were back at Leeds Festival

Leeds Festival seems like a distant memory, Halloween‘s been and gone and Christmas is rearing its head around the corner. We don’t want to wish time away or anything… but can it be August 2019 now?

If you’re feeling the end of year slump just like us, these Tweets about Leeds Festival are going to transport you right back onto that half deflated airbed.

Who still hears nice one bruvaaa in their nightmares?

Pro tip: Ever find yourself lost and alone in a crowd, your mates have left you in the middle of the bar? Just use a Leeds Fest chant, chances are you’ll find a mate in no time, or be escorted out.

When you reminisce about your personal hygiene

Really, there’s nothing wrong with a little wipe down every now and then.

When someone steals your snacks in the office

Sometimes everyone turns into Notorious VIV.

Mike Shinoda spoke the most sense

Whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. Speak to your friends, family, someone you trust or seek help, someone will always listen to you.

The most epic and emotional collabs

Mike Shinoda and Sum 41’s ‘Faint’ really was something else.

You may as well call yourself a superhero

Braving the long drops on a Monday morning is basically up there on the same scale as wrestling a lion while wearing a suit made of meat. If you know, you know.

The party continued everywhere you went

You wouldn’t see this in your local supermarket when you’re buying your supplies for the week, would you?

Our Access platforms knew what was up

Shout out to all of our amazing BSL interpreters this year, we can’t wait to have you back for 2019.

Hands up, who’s still got theirs on their wrist?

They’ve got a point, there’s a whole weekend of memories and bacteria on those things.

If those didn’t bring you crashing back to this year’s Leeds Fest and make you wanna be back in the field asap, there’s something wrong with you.

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