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The Internet reacts to… Reading and Leeds Festival 2018

Reading and Leeds might be over for another year, but you know what? The mmrs live on (see what we did there?). How many of these reactions can you relate to?

Nice one bruva

Were you even at Leeds if you didn’t shout this for the entire weekend?

Brockhampton took it to the next level

Want to relive some of it? Watch back on BBC’s iPlayer here.

Why is this so relatable?

Bum bags are a way of life now

They’re just SO handy.

Posty killed it on the Main Stage

Be more Isabella.

Even your nan had a good time

Please get in touch if this is you.

Notorious V.I.V

Own up, who spotted the cheese slices?

The post-festival sadness

Those festival blues can hit all of us hard in the feels.

Want to make even more memories with your mates next year? There’s only one way to ensure you don’t miss out. You guessed it… buy your tickets now.