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Get Leeds Festival ready with our ultimate checklist

If you’re anything like us, you’re currently stress buying everything you think you’ll need for Leeds, laying it out on your bedroom floor and then leaving it there until the last minute. Standard packing procedure.


It’s time to get your s*** together and make sure you’ve got everything you need with our ultimate festival checklist. Could we BE anymore helpful? The answer is no before you start getting sassy.

So print out the checklist below, bookmark it on your phone… tattoo it on your leg if you have to. You’ll be thanking us later.


Let’s start with the obvious. We know you’ve been staring at your ticket in sheer excitement from the moment it arrived, but whether you’ve stuck it to your fridge, pinned it on the wall, or made a shrine with your ticket atop, make sure it comes to the festival with you. Without it, you can’t get into the festival. Simple as that.

Don’t forget those Extras like Early Entry and Campervan if you’re fancy like that.


Again, kind of obvious if you’re camping. We know the weather’s been good but don’t recommend sleeping underneath the stars entirely.


Camping stuff

Air bed, sleeping bag, cooking essentials. You know all the stuff, make sure you’re allowed to bring in the items by checking what you can and can’t bring into the Arena and Campsites here.

A4 size bag

Bags A4 size or smaller will only be allowed into the Arena, don’t forget that bum bag (or fanny pack if you’re American) you’ve got at the back of your cupboard.


Lucky enough to look flawless? Make sure you’ve got your ID on you. Not only will it ensure you can get what you want at the bar, but if you need to pick up tickets for whatever reason, it’s always handy to have.


Don’t go all-out and bring loads of cash with you. There are cash machines dotted about the site should you need any additional funds, so all is not lost if you run out on day two. Need to get some essentials while you’re there? Co-op are on site to lend a helping hand and offer contactless payments for transactions less than £30. Sorted.


Good Shoes

Comfort is key here, if it rains they’re going to get muddy, if it’s sunny they’re going to get dusty. Bring a pair you don’t mind getting scuffed and let’s be real, a pair of wellies just in case.

Phone + Charger

Duh, how are you going to download the Official Leeds Festival app and get all the set times in your pocket without that?

Don’t have a portable charger? Pre-order a Charge Candy package to keep your phone topped up the whole weekend.

Biodegradable wipes

To be honest, this should be at the top of the list, ain’t nobody coming to Leeds without these.

Socks, socks and extra socks

When you think you’ve packed enough socks, pack another pair.


There’s nothing worse than coming back from the festival with your face telling the story of how long you stayed out in the sun. Put on sun cream every few hours throughout the weekend – as high a factor as possible. Even if it’s cloudy, get it on your skin. Those sun rays are sneaky and can get you even when the sun is hiding. If you leave it back at your tent, don’t panic. Head to the Welfare Tent and they’ll lube you up.

Warm clothes

We all know what British weather is like, we talk about it enough. That’s why we recommend bringing enough clothes so you’re ready for anything. It’s especially true for the night. Whatever it’s been like in the day, those nights can get cold. Don’t end up in shorts at 3am, you’ll be clattering your knees as you walk back to your tent otherwise!

Reusable bottle

Water points are all across the Arena and in the Campsites, meaning you’ll never have to buy a bottle of water while you’re there. Remember, we only allow empty plastic bottles to be taken into the Arena.


Now you’ve got all that sorted, make sure you’ve got that all important ticket in your bag if you haven’t already. If you have, we’ll see you real soon…