Local Residents Information

Thank you for welcoming us to Leeds over the August Bank Holiday. We hope the plans we implement will help to minimise the disruption to Local Residents over the festival period, however we understand there will be slight disruption. Please do try to avoid the areas listed below and use alternative routes. We thank you for your continued support.


This page contains information for Local Residents’ who are not attending Leeds Festival. For Residents’ attending the festival, please refer to the Guest page here.


The festival is open to the public from Wednesday 25th August to Monday 30th August 2021 with the main entertainment taking place on Friday 27th August, Saturday 28th August and Sunday 29th August 2021.  The main public access into the site will start on Thursday 26th August although a number of ticket holders who have purchased “Early Bird” tickets will be allowed access on Wednesday 25th August in order to reduce the traffic during the Thursday peak period. From past experience, the vast majority of festival goers will have left site and left the area by 3pm on Monday 30th August 2021.



If you have a complaint about noise or any other issue you should email [email protected]. The mailbox will be monitored over the festival and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24hrs. Noise levels are regulated and monitored by our onsite Acoustic Consultants and Environmental Health at Leeds City Council.


The hours of entertainment are:

Thursday 26th August – 7pm to 3am

Friday 27th August – 12pm to 6am

Saturday 28th August – 12pm to 6am

Sunday 29th August – 12pm to 6am


These are the same timings as 2019. The main entertainment will finish at 11pm and between 11pm and 6am there will be entertainment such as cabaret, comedy etc and should therefore not cause any noise issues for you.

In addition, there may be soundchecks. These are limited in duration to 2 hours and limited in scheduling to either Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th, Friday 27th, Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th August 2021 and will not happen before 10am.



There are two key routes in use for festival traffic from the A1 (M). the Brown Route from A1 (M) Southbound requires all traffic to exit via Jct45 onto the Grange Moor / Wattle Syke Roundabout and travel South along West Woods Road, and then left over Thorner Road Bridge and South on Bramham Bypass / Paradise Way to Paradise Bridge to enter via Brown Gate. The White Route from A1 (M) Northbound requires all traffic to exit via Jct44 and join Paradise Way. Traffic will then enter the site, on a left turn, via White Gate. This traffic will be travelling one way in.

From 9pm Sunday 29th August, these routes reverse as festival goers leave along the same route but in the opposite direction. This traffic will be travelling one way out and Monday morning will be another peak period.

As last year, we would again advise using the following routing to avoid sitting in our traffic.

Alternative routes –

If you need to access the A1(M) and want to avoid the festival traffic, from Wednesday 25th August to Sunday 29th August, then we would suggest travelling to Tenter Hill, turning left and travelling North on West Woods Road to access the A1(M) at Wattle Syke.

During the morning of Monday 30th August, the best route to the A1(M) to avoid festival traffic would be to travel to Tenter Hill, turn right onto Bramham Bypass / Paradise Way and Spen Common Lane to access the A1(M) at the Bramham Interchange.

Using these routes will mean that you are travelling in the opposite direction to the vast majority of festival traffic.


On Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th, and then again on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th August, the A64 between the Fox and Grapes public house and the A1(M) / A64 roundabout will be closed to all traffic travelling Eastbound (i.e. from Leeds to York).

The one-way system will run from the early morning of Wednesday 25th until midnight on Thursday 26th and then again from the evening of Sunday 29th until the afternoon of Monday 30th August. Please note we will take the closures off as soon as possible.

This system proposes to close the A64 to non-festival traffic from A1 (M) Bramham Interchange at J44 to the Fox and Grapes public house. This allows us to use this section of the A64 for drop off traffic travelling to site Westbound to the PUDO area, dropping off inside and then leaving site back Eastbound to J44 A1(M) and off from there.

Red Bus Layby check point

• The A64 Eastbound lane will be coned into the Red Bus layby to create a check point/stacking area, coning and/or barrier will then come back in the layby towards the A64 Eastbound carriageway to create a T junction, still within the layby. The coning will be installed at a location with maximum visibility for the right turn out of the layby.

• Staff will check whether drivers are legitimate and need access to properties and business’ further East on the A64 in which case the coning will be moved for them so they can turn left turn out. Vehicles passes are in operation at this point.

• All other vehicles will be turned right back onto the A64 (Westbound) back towards Seacroft.

Park House Farm closure

•  At the layby by the bus stop and access gate to Park House Farm, opposite the Fox and Grapes, there is enough width to create a safe ‘U’ turning area for any vehicles that have misled staff at the Red Bus about their destination and are still trying to either access the Festival or the A64 Eastbound. The A64 will be completely closed in the Eastbound direction at this point.

•  There is no need for a no right turn TTRO at the Fox and Grapes or a no left turn TTRO at Park House Farm because these movements are already prohibited by the TTRO for the one-way system.

A64 Closure – U Turns

A no ‘U’ turn temporary traffic regulation order will be applied for in respect of the A64 from the A6120 to the Jct 44 both Westbound and Eastbound.

The layout of the Red Bus layby with coning will mean that cars can turn around and go back the way they have come without having to do a strict ‘U’ turn.

A64 Closure – Kiddal Lane

Kiddal Lane will be closed at the junction with the A64 as per previous years.

A64 Closure – Bus Routes Affected

Transdev Coastliner services (840 and 843) have taken an alternative route throughout the Festival period in recent years in order to avoid the congestion along the A64.

The 173 and 174 bus service run by Arriva will be allowed through the Aberford Road junction road closure, as they have been in previous years, as the timetable is not frequent.

A64 Closure – Residents and Businesses

All properties from and including the Fox and Grapes public house Eastbound on the A64 Westbound carriageway are able to turn left out of their property or left into their property and therefore their routes to the A1(M) or York are various.

All properties from and including Park House Farm on the Eastbound carriageway are able to turn right out of their property, or right into their property and therefore their routes to the A1 (M) or York are various.

If you would normally use the A64 Eastbound to access the A1(M), could we suggest that on Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th, Sunday 29th evening and Monday 30th morning, you use the alternative route described above via West Woods Road and Wattle Syke.

Bus routes travelling along the A64 Eastbound from Seacroft to the A1(M) may be diverted. For up-to-date information, please contact Metro www.wymetro.com or tel 0113 245 7676.


As in previous years Thorner Village will be closed at the below locations and will operate a vehicle pass system for the duration of the festival during the below timings.


1.       Northern part of Mangrill Lane

2.       Carr Lane (very close to the A58)

3.       Thorner / Skeltons Lane

4.       Thorner / Milner Lane

5.       Wothersome corner (west of junction of Thorner Lane / Thorner Road)


Thorner Village Road Closure timings:

Tuesday 24th August – 7pm – 1am

Wednesday 25th August – 7am – 1am

Thursday 26th August – 7am – 1am

Friday 27th August – 7am – 3am

Saturday 28th August – 7am – 3am

Sunday 29th August – 7am – 7am

Monday 30th August – 7am – 3pm


The junction of Main Street with the A64 just to the West of the Jct 44 roundabout will be closed from 04:00hrs on Wednesday 25th August to 15:00hrs on Monday 30th August. Traffic leaving this junction would have an immediate impact on the operation and flow of the A64 Northbound Leeds slip onto the Jct 44 roundabout and then onto the A64 Westbound, which could cause problems quickly on the A1(M).

There will be no access onto the Bramham Interchange from Aberford Village. The closure in place is a hard closure and no through traffic will be permitted. Please use Lotherton Lane as a route out of Aberford to join the A64 from the York side of the A1(M).


Please also note the following additional road closures:

Throughout the festival period (Wednesday 25th to Monday 30th August) unless otherwise stated:

1. The junction of Kiddal Lane and the A64 York Road

2. The junction of Potterton Lane and Kiddal Lane

3. The temporary closure of the bridge over the A1 (M) that leads to Bowcliffe Hall and Bramham Park other than for residents and business’

4. 30mph speed limit and no u turns on the following roads:

  • Along Bramham and Thorner Road from the junction with Kirkfield Avenue to the Bramham bypass / Paradise Way
  • West Woods Road from Wattle Syke to Thorner Road
  • Bramham bypass from Thorner Road along Paradise Way and Spen Common Lane to the A1(M) / A64 roundabout
  • A64 York Road from the A1(M) / A64 roundabout to Thorner Lane

5. No stopping (clearways) on the following roads:

  • West Woods Road from Wattle Syke to Thorner Road
    Thorner Road bridge over A1(M)
  • Bramham Bypass from Thorner Road along Paradise Way and Spen
  • Common Lane to the A1(M) / A64 roundabout
  • A64 York Road from the A1(M) / A64 roundabout to Thorner Lane

If your residence is within the closure areas, you will receive a road closure pass in the post by no later than Monday 23rd August. If you would like to check you are on the distribution list please email [email protected].


In addition to the public arriving in cars they will again arrive in Leeds via the train and coach services, we will operate a shuttle service between the train and coach stations and the festival site. They will be dropped off at Yellow Gate on Thorner Rd.


We have again applied to Leeds City Council to temporarily close the following footpaths:

Footpath numbers 12, 13 and 30 – these run through Bramham Park Estate and we are therefore applying to close them during the period of the build and load out of the infrastructure as well as the festival itself. The closure dates applied for are Monday 16th August to Friday 3rd September 2021.
Mangrill Lane bridleway number 33 for all users from the junction of Mangrill Lane and footpath 16 to the junction with Thorner Road and for cyclists and equestrians from the junction with the A64 to the junction with Thorner Road. The closure dates applied for are Friday 20th August – Friday 3rd September 2021.


The public parts of the festival site (which comprise the main entertainment arena, the campsites and the car parks) are well away from all residential areas. Although there have been no significant problems with trespass in the past, if someone should trespass on your land, then please call the Police in the first instance. If necessary, our security staff will be available to assist them.

We will again have an onsite supermarket and there will also be various stalls onsite. We will advertise these facilities onsite and in the advance publicity. While we are not able to prevent people from accessing public highways or keep them onsite, we feel confident that the above measures will mean we have done much to reduce the need for people to go into Bramham or Thorner. There are a very significant number of stewards and security on and around the site, some of whom can be redeployed offsite, if necessary, in cooperation with and in support of the Police.


If any individuals have specific questions that are not covered here, please email [email protected].


We have appointed a Village Liaison Manager to act as single point of contact for Thorner residents & business owners. His name is Marcus Griffiths and can be contacted on this email address if you have any queries – [email protected].