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Become a zero-waste festival goer and appear on the big screens at Leeds Fest

Tents can’t be recycled and anything left in the campsite field ends up going to landfill or incineration polluting the environment. We’re calling on YOU to join the Zero Waste Festival Goer Movement with a chance to feature on the Main Stage TV screens. That’s right, you could be up there on the same screens as Foo Fighters, Post Malone, Twenty One Pilots and The 1975.

Alongside artists, influencers, creators, festival organisers, the Zero Waste Festival Goer campaign invites everyone to decide what action they’re going to take to become a Zero Waste Festival Goer.

Here are some examples:

  • I pledge to take my tent home
  • I pledge to refill my reusable bottle
  • I pledge to use the three-bin system
  • I pledge to use the recycling points in the campsites
  • I pledge not to litter on Leeds Festival

We’ll be filming in the campsites on Thursday – so keep your eyes peeled!

After the festival, show how you have fulfilled your pledge! And be in with a chance to win tickets to Leeds Festival 2020. Just take another photo or video or yourself fulfilling your commitment and post it on social media using #ZeroWasteFestivalGoer