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YUNGBLUD fact 001 you need to know: “I have an elephant tattoo on my left arse cheek”

YUNGBLUD absolutely tore up Leeds Festival last year and we’re stoked to welcome him back. While we count down the weekends until we’re back in the field we caught up with him to ask all the questions you didn’t know you wanted the answers to until now.


I have an elephant tattoo on my left arse cheek.


Pizza. I remember coming to Leeds Fest in 2013 and I was out all weekend, spent all my money because I’d run out of booze on the first day so was buying it inside the Arena. I was starving on the Sunday and someone giving away free pizza appeared from the fog and cured me and my best mate’s starvation with a pepperoni pizza. So I always associate Leeds Festival with mud, tents, lager and pizza, and now I’m playing it – it’s fucking sick.


Put on a bucket hat, some silly shades and run straight to the Main Stage


It’s a meme – ‘when you front a grunge band but have bingo at eight’. Our band, we have a group chat, me, Adam, Mikey with all our texts and stuff so we just put silly images in there.

Yungblud Camera Roll

Michelle Obama.


A pink alpaca to ride on stage to.


I’m most likely to shout “where are the pink socks, probably”.


My last picture just says ‘be your fucking self baby’. It’s me outside Bristol SWX in a Victoria’s Secret nighty, flipping off the camera, two minutes before I went on stage having a fag. It was a great show, I loved it. And wearing a dress was amazing, I didn’t get sweaty at all.


Sorry Mum.


Spikey chairs.


Probably ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ by The Wombats ‘cause Propaganda night will never be the same again. Or ‘Monkey Wrench’ by Foo Fighters ‘cause that songs rocks. ‘Lucid Dreams’ by Juice WRLD because it was an international world smash! Or ‘1950’ by King Princess ‘cause I love it.


Probably 4-man tent with my best mates.


I don’t know, I’m just a very loud, opinionated young person who wears eyeliner and has spikey hair.

YUNGBLUD is set to smash the Main Stage at this year’s Leeds Fest on Friday. Haven’t got your tickets sorted yet? You better hurry up.