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The Hotbox volunteer experience

Here’s a lowdown of what it’s like to volunteer…


“I had loads of fun both on and off shift” – Susie, Leeds 2018

Hotbox volunteers work across the Leeds site helping festival-goers to get the most out of their bank holiday!

It’s a chance for more than just a free ticket as it’s a great opportunity to meet new people (if your planning on going solo). Volunteers will also have access to private volunteer camping and hot showers.

Check out the clip below of Rachel’s experience at Leeds, which looked like good vibes.

“Everyone’s here to have a good time”- Rachel, Leeds 2018

Hotbox Events festival volunteers are generally allocated three 8 hour shifts (24 hrs in total throughout the festival), leaving with you time to do whatever you like when your not working.

Leeds is SOLD OUT so we expect volunteer places to fill up quickly, please apply and pay your security deposit ASAP this year!