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Watch Fall Out Boy, Kate Nash, Tom Grennan and more take on the sleeping bag challenge

If there’s one thing the Internet was missing, it was this.

Ever wondered how the likes of Fall Out Boy, Waterparks, Kate Nash, SWMRS, Hinds and more pack away their sleeping bags after kip in their tents? Luckily for you, we challenged them backstage to see who was the quickest. There were some interesting techniques used to say the least – personally, we’d go for the fold and roll.

We hate it when it bulges out when we least expect it.

Congratulations Fall Out Boy, we never knew advanced sleeping bag stuffing was listed on your CV.

Did that bring back memories of Leeds 2018? That’s what we were hoping for. If we were you, we’d get our tickets for 2019 sorted now. If you’re quick, you’ll get tickets for the same price as 2018, so it makes sense to be early and organised.