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We’re so excited for you to join us at Leeds 2023, and want you to have the time of your life.

We want you to know that your well-being is our number one priority. It’s incredibly important that everyone feels safe and joins together as a community.

There are several initiatives that offer support and guidance in both the campsites and the arena, and we’re proud to be partnering with some amazing organisations on some forward thinking campaigns.

We want our festival to be a place of love, happiness and togetherness. Read below for more info on keeping safe, and how you can help us ensure #RandL23 is the best experience for others…


New for 2023, we’re introducing AIR Hubs across our campsites at Leeds Festival. They will provide a facility over and above the existing security and stewarding teams situated in multiple locations in and amongst the camping areas. AIR is an acronym for ASSISTANCE, INFORMATION & RESPONSE and we will be working with local community groups and charities to run these hubs for us, with the support of our existing safeguarding and welfare partners at the festival. The groups involved with the Leeds AIR Hubs to date are the Festival Angels, Bramham Football Club, St. Gemma’s Hospice, Oxfam and Salvation Army. There will be 16 of these in total, meaning you will never be too far away from a friendly face or listening ear when in the campsites.

Air Hubs will be open 24 hours in all campsites, from Wednesday through to Monday morning.


Our campaign to promote safety around drugs and alcohol, consent and keeping an eye out for one another.


We want to create an environment where everyone feels safe.


We’re proud to support the Home Office’s campaign to stop violence and any form of harassment against women and girls.



Raising awareness for unwanted attention at Gigs using their ‘Bystander Method’.


This year we are continuing to support the Ask for Angela campaign which is operational at all our venues, bars and briefed to all staff members. We want to make sure help is ready and available to those who call upon it. We have seen this simple yet effective campaign prove successful at our festivals so far and want to continue this at Leeds Festival.


Providing advice on drugs and alcohol


Brook will be offering judgment-free sexual health advice and contraception at our festival. They are active in the campsites.


Active throughout the campsites and offering a Prayer Cafe in the village, the Festival Angels provide a friendly face and listening ear for festival goers.


The Salvation Army have volunteered at Leeds Festival for decades, providing emotional and practical support for festival goers at their popular tea tent.


The volunteer team are expertly trained at listening and providing comfort to those in need.



For when that friendly face isn’t quite enough, our welfare team provide a warm and comfortable place to stay for however long someone may need. They work hard towards the right outcome depending on the case. This might be providing professional advice, involving the parent(s) and guardian(s), linking in with our partner agencies or enabling everybody to feel safe and happy once more to enjoy the duration of the festival.


Providing medical care and additional safeguarding team support.


Providing free literature and daily recovery meetings


Security checks are in place to keep you safe

If you spot something that doesn’t feel right, trust your gut and report it to security staff straight away.

Follow advice from @TerrorismPolice and #BeSafeBeSound


We will be working alongside West Yorkshire Police officers throughout the festival to ensure everyone attending can have a good time and stay safe. Officers are specially trained, ready to respond to any incidents quickly and we remind you to report any suspicious activity to a member of our team or to a Police Officer. Please feel free to say hello and stop them for a chat if you see them out and about.

Read about West Yorkshire Police’s Project Servator here.


A friendly place to go if you are in need of any information during your time at the festival! The experienced info team can help with general queries, sign posting, what time your fave artist is due on stage to everything else in between.

You can also reach out to the official festival team via social media before, during, and after the festival weekend with any queries you have.

Have fun & be safe. See you in August!