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9 of the best pumpkin fails to make yourself feel marginally better

Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means? Pumpkins. That’s right, we’ve searched the Internet to find some of the worst yet most relatable pumpkin fails for your amusement. Have a look, then see if you can do any better, to be honest even if you can’t these should give you a lol or two.

1. Us waking up after the third night of camping


If you don’t think you look like this when you’ve woken up you’re either truly blessed or deluded – you decide which.

2. When you try and put makeup on in your tent


Influencer who? You darling, you work it.

3. It’s what’s inside that counts…


The meaning behind this could be so deep, then again it could just be a face inside a pumpkin. We’ll never really know…

4. The scariest pumpkin of them all


Nobody wants to see this, especially not when there’s the amazing Leeds Festival app right in your pocket.

5. What we all felt like after Leeds this year, let’s be real


We were all just a shell of our former pumpkin-selves.

6. Literally couldn’t tell you what this is meant to be…


Maybe it’s modern art? Maybe it’s the tail of a seahorse, what do you see?

7. Our faces at the end of the weekend when we realise we have to wait a whole YEAR to come back to Leeds Festival


Someone fast-forward time and make it go quicker, please?!

Granted, these are fails but deserve a shout out.

Post the…. pumpkin?


He’s pumpkin’, pumpkin’, Iverson on you.

Hey look ma, he made it


Everyone will be praying for the wicked when they see this one on your doorstep.

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