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10 of Post Malone’s funniest tweets

What better way to cure January blues than looking at some of Post Malone‘s best tweets? After smashing his 2018 performance at Leeds Festival, we’re welcoming the ‘Rockstar’ back to 2019 to headline the Main Stage on Sunday, 25th August.

See how many of his Tweets you relate to below.

FaceTime Problems

When your chins keep interrupting your conversation.

When you need to start being your own cheerleader

If you can’t appreciate yourself, who can?

Everyone has an accident sometimes

We’ve seen you in the campsites, so there’s no point trying to deny it.

The inspo for Ball For Me

Everyone loves a bulk buy every now and then.

When he met a good dog

And it spawned another Shia LaBeouf meme.

Posty‘s dietary requirements are clear

After all, is mayonnaise an instrument?

Once a style icon, always a style icon

If it ain’t Crocs it’s grills.

Post Malone – the voice of a generation

Someone needs to start a petition for this ASAP.

When he trolled all of us after all the hype

Trust us, we turned it the f*** up.

When he turned into a party unicorn

If you’re not doing this on NYE are you even living?

Want more Posty in your life this year? You better sort yourself out with tickets to Leeds Festival. Catch him headline the Main Stage on Sunday, 25th August.