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Papa Roach release new music you can trust

News reporter? Check. Fake hurricane? Check. Epic new single? Check.

Headlining The Pit Stage on Sunday night – you were lucky if you were able to get into the tent for Papa Roach‘s set this year. Kicking off with the instant classic, ‘Getting Away With Murder’ and peppering in their huge hits including ‘Falling Apart’, ‘Scars’ and of course, ‘Last Resort’ – it was a set filled with raw emotion and banger after banger.

Now they’ve unleashed a pair of new songs to get us hyped for their new studio album. Watch the video for ‘Who Do You Trust?’ below, featuring the band disguised as members of a news team. It’s not quite Anchorman, but it’s on that level.

Has this got a Rage Against The Machine vibe, or is it just us? Either way, we’re whacking this on our playlist ASAP.

Fancy yourself in a field next August bank holiday weekend? Nice. Us too.