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New stuff from Panic!, Beartooth, Fickle Friends and more you need in your life

Have we given you enough time to get over this year’s Leeds Festival yet? If not, grab yourself a cuppa, maybe even a biscuit if you really want to push the boat out and catch up on all the best new music from our 2018 line up.

Fickle Friends launch their record label and drop ‘Broken Sleep’

Fickle Friends, aka one of the hardest working bands on the scene just announced their own record label, lovingly titled Palmeira Music. You don’t have long to wait for new music from the Brighton-based band either. Their new three-track EP ‘Broken Sleep’ hits streaming services this autumn.

Black Peaks let us into their studio

Well, kinda. From getting locked in toilets, to finding bells to include on recordings outside the studio and that scream at the end… Will’s got lungs.

Yungen links up with Cadet

Yungen and Cadet show Lil Pump and Kanye just how it’s done in the UK with their remix of ‘I Love It’. The wordplay on this one is cold.

Beartooth release the brutal ‘Manipulation’

Beartooth’s third full-length album ‘Disease’ is so close we can almost taste it. Not one’s to keep us waiting too long, the Ohio-based outfit have gifted our ears with ‘Manipulation’.

Speaking about the track, Caleb said:

Manipulation’ is about that person in everybody’s life that takes advantage of your kindness. It’s about standing up for what you’ve done and not letting people destroy your accomplishments.

Our heads won’t stop banging to this one.

Go behind the scenes with Brendon Urie as he walks up a building

That’s not a sentence we thought we’d write every day, but hey, this is Brendon we’re talking about. By now you’ve all seen the video for Panic! At the Disco’s ‘High Hopes’ but we all just assumed the building walking was green screen magic. Nope, someone hold Brendon’s beer, he’s ready and waiting to scale up the side of skyscrapers without his quiff going out of place.

Dua Lipa releases a (sort of) new song

If you’re a Dua fan you’ll have already heard ‘Want To’ after she started playing it at select shows around the world. Until now though, we haven’t been blessed with a studio version of the song – well, all that’s about to change, isn’t it?

This year’s festival might be a thing of the past, but we’re already working on making 2019 the biggest and best Leeds Festival yet. Don’t wait around for the inevitable ticket buying – grab Tier 1 tickets for 2019 at 2018 prices now.