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New 2020 Merch Collection

Lets be real for a second, we all wish we were chilling at Reading and Leeds right now. But, what better than to give you that much needed Reading and Leeds Festival feeling than copping the freshest of merch from our new 2020 Collection!

Crowd T-Shirts!

Need to display that you’re the biggest R&L fan out of all your mates? Then the new R&L Crowd T-Shirt is the one! Available in both black and white and for just 15 quid there’s no excuse to not snap these up!


Need a fresh need hoodie?

If you still want that clean design but fancy some thing a warmer then now seems like a good time to start preparing for the Great British winter with the R&L Crowd Hoodie! Available in white for just £35!


Check out the full collection including R&L themed Nike sports tops and and an R&L 2020 wristband HERE!

Tickets for #RandL21 are on sale NOW! Click the link below to grab yours!