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Luxury camping options are on sale now for Leeds 2018

Camping is part of the whole festival experience. Waking up surrounded by your mates, ready to immerse yourself in a brand new day full of music, memories and more. Fancy raising your comfort to the next level? We’ve got a tonne of options for you to choose from at this year’s Leeds Festival.

Pink Moon Luxury Camping

Treat yourself to your own quiet space away from the action. Pink Moon Camping has its own dedicated campsite within the festival site, offering various styles of accommodation to suit all needs. The best part? They’re already set up and waiting for you to arrive. The Pink Moon tents, tips and kushti’s fit 2-8 people.

Pink Moon Camping

At the Pink Moon Campsite you’ll find a wealth of facilities to bump you up to the lux experience:

  • Serviced and clean toilets
  • Hot private showers
  • Pot washing
  • Pamper Parlour (hair straighteners and hairdryers)


Pod Pads

Podpads is the quirky boutique camping alternative to the traditional tent. Podpads have various styles of accommodation to suit your personal requirements, catering for different party sizes (2-6 people), budgets and expectations. All of the pads are pre-pitched in a bespoke area and include:

  • 24-hour security and wristband access
  • Serviced and clean toilets
  • Hot private showers
  • Pamper tent (hair straighteners and hairdryers)
  • Free tea and coffee in the reception area
  • Free phone charging facilities

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