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Split the cost of your tickets into 4 with our December Instalment Plan

Everyone loves a money-conscious hun and that’s exactly what you’ll be with our handy Instalment Plan.

Christmas is drawing closer and you know what that means? Money is about to get a whole lot tighter. It doesn’t have to be this way you know?


It’s true. You can split the cost of your tickets into 4 easier to manage chunks; it’s not rocket science either. All you need to do select the Instalment Plans option on the Tickets page.

Allow us to break it down for you a bit more.

If you purchase your tickets between December 1st 2019 and December 31 2019 you’ll pay:

  • The first payment of £ 51.25, plus any service charges and Extras purchased will be taken immediately
  • The second payment of £51.25 per ticket on 3rd February 2020
  • The third payment of £51.25 per ticket on 2nd March 2020
  • The final payment of £51.25 per ticket, plus postage fee on 1st April 2020

Now that’s a good deal if we ever saw one.

View our full terms and conditions here.