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Which Hobo Johnson song slaps hard? You had your say

Let’s set the scene. It’s March 2018, you’re scrolling through YouTube and come across Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers’ viral song ‘Peach Scone’. At first you’re a little confused, maybe even scared, but you soon realise you’ve stumbled upon a lyrical genius (and absolute icon).

A year later and we are beyond excited to be catching our Saturday Festival Republic Stage Headliners at Leeds this summer. But before that, we need your help answering the age old question – Which Hobo Johnson song slaps hard?

Use the upvote arrows below to vote for your favourite Hobo jam and settle this debate once and for all.

Well, you had your day – your fingers did the talking and we can now reveal Hobo Johnson’s song that SLAPS the hardest is… ‘Peach Scone’.

There’s less than 100 days to go ’til Leeds and if you haven’t got tickets yet then it’s time to get a MOVE ON! Grab them below.