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5 of Big Shaq’s funniest moments

Big Shaq is so much more than just ‘Man’s Not Hot’, he’s one of the funniest characters that has broken onto the UK scene.

Join us as we take a look at some of his funniest sketches before he takes to Leeds’ Alternative Stage on Thursday, make sure you get down early for this one.

1 – ‘Man’s Not Hot’

Ok, we couldn’t start an article about Big Shaq without mentioning this, it’s one of the most iconic and funniest moments from the man himself. This was the skit that took the world by storm, the video has already racked up over 250 million views.

2 – What makes a woman hot?

We’re not sure who’s side we’re on with this video but Dylan is savage.

3 – Big Shaq tries modelling

This is so awkward to watch, but we just can’t stop. Why is smiling so hard for him?

4 – Big Shaq beefs Ed Sheeran

Someone start the petition for ‘Man’s Not Hot’ to be Number 1 for Christmas 2018.

5 – Maths equations & having a dodgy stomach

To be honest, we couldn’t filter down all of Big Shaq’s best moments into 5, so we’ve cheated with some of his funniest skits merged into one video.

Big Shaq takes to the Alternative Stage on Thursday at this year’s Leeds Festival.

Two plus two is four, add your Leeds tickets to your baskets, that’s common sense.