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7 hints and tips to ensure you smash freshers’ week

If you’re off to start a new chapter in your life at university this week, you need to read through our freshers’ guide to ensure you get the most out of your experience – you’re going to thank us later.

Beat freshers’ flu

Freshers’ flu doesn’t have to be the inevitable thing that’s going to hinder your first week at uni, it might sound boring, but taking a few simple steps can ensure you can keep going until the early hours every night.

Freshers week survival guide flu

Stay hydrated

Goes without saying really, doesn’t it? You’re only getting older and that means technically we’re all shrivelling or something. Take a pint of water to bed with you and guzzle it down, your head and skin will thank you in the morning.

Freshers week survival guide water

An apple a day really does keep the doctor away

If it’s your first time living away from home it can be tempting to live off food that’s quick, easy and delicious, aka pizza. But it’s true what they say, force some fruit and veg down you and you’ll be feeling right as rain. You can even make yourself a smoothie with that blender you packed along with everything else you’re definitely only going to use a handful of times. NO ONE NEEDS TO PACK A LOAF TIN, STOP KIDDING YOURSELF SANDRA.

Freshers week survival guide apple

Sleep isn’t for the weak

You may as well put sleep on your CV as one of your professional skills because trust us, it’s going to become something you’re a pro at. Having a cheeky afternoon nap, or even a five minute nap on the bus is something you’re going to cherish.

Freshers week survival guide nap

Student discount

Get to know where you can use this because it’s like scoring barrier for your favourite band. Going to treat yourself to some new wardrobe essentials? Use your student discount. Going out with your new friends to eat? Use the discount. Booking tickets for next year’s Leeds Festival? Ok, you can’t use a student discount BUT we’ll let you in on a secret. It’s basically the only thing in life worth paying full price for, trust us.

Freshers week survival guide money

Get to know your surroundings

You’re going to need to stumble back multiple times so make sure you have a rough idea of where you’re going. If you mastered the campsites at Leeds, you’ll be fine with this. In fact, why not use that personalised campsite flag you made? Just head towards the ‘Shalom Jackie’ and everything will be alright.

Freshers Week Survival Guide Flag

Sort out your fancy dress

No freshers’ week is complete without at least one fancy dress evening, whether it’s the good old fashioned toga (literally a bed sheet) or something else – you need to prep. Still got your creations from this year’s festival? You’re definitely going to need to pack them.

Freshers week survival guide fancy dress

Dealing with homesickness

Let’s face facts – sometimes it’s going to happen. You miss the home-cooked food, your pets being adorable and your childhood friends. Well, we’ve got news for you – there’s really only one sure-fire way to cheer yourself up. Have you guessed what it is?

No, it’s not watching puppy videos, it’s grabbing those tickets to Leeds Festival 2020 – you need to have something to look forward to after all.