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10 things you need on your Christmas list this year

Whether you’re counting down the days until Christmas or the other big event in your diary – Leeds Festival – we’re here to give you some quick tips on what should be on your list this year.

Writing to Santa? He’s already a Leeds stan and knows exactly what you want. Writing to your family and friends? You should probably stop fussing around and send them to our Tickets page.

Need some inspiration for your wish lists this year? You’re in the right place.

Post Malone face tattoos

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Christmasulations if you get these in your stocking this year. It’s not only Rita Ora who can fool people with her fancy dress costume. Sure, you could rock them in a meeting at work or down your local supermarket… no one is really saying you couldn’t.

A tent that’s actually big enough for all your crap


Remember sleeping with all your sh*t on top of you and struggling to snooze while your mate was wedged into your side? How about sticking a tent onto your list this year. As a general rule of thumb, you should always add an extra person to the tent size you’re buying. Camping as a 2? Buy a tent that’s meant for 3. You’ll never have to worry about using your essentials as your pillow ever again.

Neon signs


Because Matt Healy invented neon and that’s going to be our entire aesthetic for 2019.

A cute bumble bee teddy


This should be at the top of everyone’s Christma…. OH, WHO ARE WE KIDDING? Just stream Trench.

Bum bag


You know the rule, and this one wasn’t made to be broken. Only bags that are equal to A4 size or smaller will be allowed into the Arena again next year. There’s no point to keep on Tweeting us complaining, it’s for your own safety after all. Why don’t you dress unique and wear a bum bag? Just like the other 49,000 who did the same thing this year.

An avocado


So you can be the millennial the media paints you to be. What do you mean you can’t afford to buy a house!? IT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE EATING AVOCADO. Also Billie Eilish, but she’s confirmed she’s not obsessed with them so you can all calm down.

Bucket hat


You couldn’t possibly go to next year’s festival wearing the same hat you wore this year – that’s just social suicide. Need to justify another hat in your collection? You might only have one head, but if you’re coming to Leeds 2019 it’s filled with a good brain and that’s reason enough to treat your noggin.



Because again, you didn’t have enough of the stuff this year, if you’re not still waking up and finding it in your shoes you didn’t do this year’s Leeds hard enough.

Wireless headphones


Hassle-free music listening with no wires, you know what that means? You can stick on your Leeds 2019 playlist wherever you are and get on with your boring life chores. Warning, these might bring back memories of you screaming out indie-bangers in the Silent Disco. Wondered why you didn’t have much of a voice left on Saturday morning? It’s all flooding back to you now…

Tickets to Leeds Festival 2019

Leeds Festival

Come on, if you thought we were going to bother writing a list of 10 ridiculous things and not add Leeds tickets to the bottom, you were wrongly mistaken. This is the holy grail of Christmas gifts, want to know something even better? If you’re a parent or generous family member reading this, you can even download and print out one of our gift certificates.

Download our gift certificate here.