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10 hacks to win at Christmas – the easy way

It’s time to up your game if you haven’t started prepping for Christmas yet.

If you want to win Christmas this year, we’ve got 10 hacks which will let you smash the festive season – with minimal effort. Who said you have to spend a tonne to get the festive feelings flowing? Not us.

1. Tin foil wrapping paper


So it’s Christmas Eve and you’re wrapping – the paper runs out. No need to panic and run down to the shops, just head to your kitchen drawers and pull out the trusty tin foil, if it’s good enough for your turkey then it’s good enough for your presents.

2. Don’t waste your hard earned ££ on a tree


Instead, just crawl underneath one of your friends and families and snip off some of the lower branches – they won’t be missed. Then, stick them into your own pot of soil and decorate as you please. Job done.

3. Make an alternative Christmas tree


Can’t find one to crawl underneath? We’ve got you covered there too. Why not fashion your very own sticky note tree at your desk.

Or if you’re feeling peckish, save up your snacks and create the most majestic edible tree we’ve ever seen. Use whatever chocolate bars you like, heck why not even mix them for added variety.


4. Cling film is your best friend


Finished with your Christmas tree? Skip the hassle of putting everything away neatly and just go ham with the cling film. You can thank us later.

5. No sticky tape? No problem


Use rubber bands, hair ties, gaffer tape or anything else you find lying around the house to keep your paper in place. Or just go back to step one and fold the tin foil, we weren’t joking when we said it was a smart option.

6. Decorate your household items


Put the tinsel down and think outside the box. How about this for your fridge?

7. Don’t have time to grow your own Santa beard? Make your own


It’s easy. Grab those cotton wool balls lying around the bathroom and glue them together to make your very own Father Christmas beard.

8. Get freebies

We’ll let you in on a secret, signing up for things and putting yourself down as a December birthday is the best life hack. Discounts, freebies and more will be headed straight to your inbox, in the month you need it most.

9. Craft your own Christmas jumper


You’re bound to be invited to a Christmas jumper party, and every year you’ll moan about finding one. Just grab one of your usual jumpers, attach baubles – wear your beard from step 8 and have the time of your life.

10. Get your wish list in place

Make sure you’ve got your priorities in place, stick Leeds tickets at the top of your Christmas list and there’ll be no disappointment.

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And that’s how you win at Christmas.