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Bloxx: “It’s insane that we get the chance to play at Reading and Leeds”

Wanna know how to get yourself into the right ‘Headspace’ for Reading 2019? Stick BLOXX on your speakers and you’ll be 3/4 of the way there. We caught up with the four-piece from London before they take to the BBC Radio 1 Stage on Saturday at this year’s Leeds Fest.


The first photo on my camera roll is this, we’re at the airport going to the States for the first time!


Westlife for me, classic.


Scope out the stages and see who we want to check out first! Then we look for cool things to do!


A pink telecaster and a lifetime supply of rainbow drops.


I’m probably most likely to shout “Where are the Wetherspoons?!” In every city.


One thing our fans might not know about us is we are a multi-lingual band. We can speak different languages.


If I had to eat one food for the entire festival it would be the chicken nugget place I go to at Reading every year! Good nugs.


We retook some photos that Amber Pollock took of us two years ago in the same spot recently and put it on Instagram! We all look so different now.

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Soon x

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Probably heaven by PVRIS. A great band that, can’t wait to catch them.


Readings and Leeds is incredibly important to us as it was the first festival some of us went to and a crazy important one to play. It’s insane that we get the chance to play. I love it there!


We are quite a boujee band, if like to think it’s a good thing though. Comfort first – glamping.

BLOXX take to the BBC Radio 1 Stage on Saturday at this year’s Leeds Festival – kick your weekend off the right way and make sure you’re down the front for their set.