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Find out what happened backstage with Fall Out Boy, Don Broco, Yungblud and more

Pete talks about his infamous flamethrower bass and more in this nugget of gold from this year’s festival.

Ever wondered what artists get up to backstage when they’re at Reading and Leeds? You’re probably thinking star-studded parties in their dressing rooms, mingling with their crew in artist catering getting served the finest cuisine. Well, half the time we’re pestering them to play stupid games with us for your amusement.

Sounds good, right? Watch our backstage highlights below and wait with baited breath to see Reading and Leeds 2018 artists take on the sleeping bag challenge soon…

Lewis Capaldi makes us never want to eat a banana ever again.

Buzzing for Leeds 2019? You should be, it’s going to be a good’un. Organise your life a little and sort yourself out tickets below.