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10 of Kings of Leon’s biggest anthems

And no, they aren’t ‘Sex On Fire’ or ‘Use Somebody’.

Kings of Leon transformed from scruffy rockers into crafters of highly polished anthems. You might automatically think of them pumping out the chorus to ‘Sex On Fire’, but there’s so much more to them than that. In essence, they’re one of the greatest live bands on the scene and you need to get ready to hear these 10 tracks live this summer.

1. ‘Supersoaker’

Album: Mechanical Bull

Line you’re going to scream at Leeds:

“I don’t mind sentimental girls at times”

Random fact: In this song, Nathan Followill uses a super soaker as a metaphor for the havoc he wreaks in matters of love.

True to its name ‘Supersoaker’ is a summery anthem, tailor-made for road trips and the Main Stage at this year’s Leeds.

2. ‘Closer’

Album: Only by the Night

Line you’re going to scream at Leeds:

“She took my heart, I think she took my soul”

Random fact: The vampire in Kings of Leon’s 2008 hit ‘Closer’ is a 200-year old creep who doesn’t feel even a trace of remorse when he bleeds his victims dry.

The eerie introduction to ‘Closer’ is instantly recognisable, this is one of those songs you hear and you realise you’re listening to the sound of someone’s soul.

3. ‘Temple’

Album: Mechanical Bull

Line you’re going to scream at Leeds:

“I’ve got my hands in my pockets and I’m crossing my fingers”

Random fact: According to drummer Nathan Followill, the breakdown in the song is the band’s ode to Irish rockers Thin Lizzy.

‘Temple’ is an effortless release from KOL, if anyone can make a song about taking a shot in the head for a prospective lover in the perfect game of rock ‘n’ roll Russian roulette sound good, it’s Kings of Leon.

4. ‘Charmer’

Album: Because of the Times

Line you’re going to scream at Leeds:

“She stole my karma, oh no!”

Random fact: The video for ‘Charmer’ was directed by the British director Robert Hales. Hales suggested that the band undergo hypnotism for the video, but the band were too strong willed for it to work. They tried faking being hypnotized, but eventually it was agreed the four-piece would just do a straight performance video.

As soon as you hear Caleb’s yelp, you know you’re about to listen to a song that instantly gets you in the mood to do something reckless. There’s no denying the intensity and ferociousness of ‘Charmer’. Just imagine how good this is going to sound at this year’s festival.

5. ‘Pyro’

Album: Come Around Sundown

Line you’re going to scream at Leeds:

“I, I won’t ever be your cornerstone”

Random fact: Matthew Followill told The Music Fix about the difficulties of playing the guitar part for this song:

‘Pyro’ is the most fun and it’s the most difficult. It’s, uh… God… I remember the first night we played it. I was so nervous and so mad at them for making me play it. It’s because I was so anxious to do it, but, thank God, it worked out and I didn’t mess up.

This heart-wrecking masterpiece has secured KOL a safe spot in heaven, it’s deliciously underrated and downright soul ripping.

6. ‘Fans’

Album: Because of the Times

Line you’re going to scream at Leeds:

“She’s got a hat and all the hat says is asshole”

Random fact: ‘Fans’ was released as the lead single from ‘Because of the Times’ and charted at Number 13 on the Official UK Chart.

‘Fans’ was supposedly written as an ode to their UK fans, with the lyrics “All of London sings, ’cause England swings and they sure love the tales I bring”. We’re ready to show them how it’s done this August bank holiday.

7. ‘Waste A Moment’

Album: Walls

Line you’re going to scream at Leeds:

“Little ticking time bomb, time bomb, gonna blow us all away”

Random fact: Caleb told Q magazine:

The words to that are like a classic Hollywood story. A small town kid goes to Los Angeles to chase the lights and find what’s out there.

“Take the time to waste a moment” take the time to do something outrageous, like booking your Leeds tickets right here, right now.

8. ‘Four Kicks’

Album: Aha Shake Heartbreak

Line you’re going to scream at Leeds: 

Let’s be honest, this song isn’t even about the lyrics it’s about that huge riff.

Random fact: Released way back in 2005, ‘Four Kicks’ spent 3 weeks in the UK Top 40 and peaked at Number 24.

The original mannequin challenge right here.

9. ‘Walls’

Album: Walls

Line you’re going to scream at Leeds:

You’re going to be too busy swaying with your mates while your phone light is high up in the air to sing, let’s be real.

Random fact: Caleb wrote the melody for ‘Walls’ while on the road, he played the song during a soundcheck then everyone jumped onto the track. He described going into the studio to record it and the lyrics pouring out as ‘like a gift from the gods’.

Someone pass us the tissues, this song is just too much for our emotions.

10. ‘Molly’s Chambers’

Album: Youth and Young Manhood

Line you’re going to scream at Leeds:

“You want it, she’s got it”

Random fact: The title comes from a line in the Thin Lizzy version of ‘Whiskey In A Jar’: “Being drunk and weary I went to Molly’s chamber.”

Excuse us while we gather flared style-inspo from this video.

Kings of Leon headline the Main Stage on Friday at this year’s Leeds Festival.

Still thinking about getting tickets?