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10 Essential Run The Jewels Tracks

Run The Jewels last stepped foot on the BBC Radio 1 Stage back in 2015, and we’re pumped to welcome them back to the Main Stage at Leeds 2020.

Whether you’ve been a fan since their debut release back in 2013 or you’re a new listener, we’re counting down 10 of their essential tracks before they light up Leeds Festival.

10 – Legend Has It

Wakanda’s national anthem sounds awesome.

9 – Let’s Go

If we’re ever in a battle in our lives, RTJ’s are going to provide the soundtrack.

8 – Don’t Get Captured

Run The Jewels explore current issues that don’t always get the attention that they deserve – the message of corruption in the video says it all.

7 – Oh Mama

Yes, you have heard this before in Rick and Morty.

6 – Early

If you don’t have an automatic stank face when the beat drops, you’re doing it wrong.

5 – Get It

The hook on this song is one of the best moments from the entire album.

4 – Oh My Darling (Don’t Cry)

Our subwoofer blew up listening to this song.

3 – Talk To Me

Best line: “Brave men didn’t die face down in the Vietnam muck so I could not style on you/ I didn’t walk uphill both ways from the booth and back to not wil’ on you”

2 – Run The Jewels

Song: Run The Jewels

Artist: Run The Jewels

Album: Run The Jewels.

This is Run The Jewels.

1 – A Christmas F***ing Miracle

The only Christmas song you need in your life, trust us.

Run The Jewels play Leeds’ Main Stage on Friday, 28th August.