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10 Essential 100 gecs Tracks

It’s time for another stunning addition of 10 Essential Tracks!

The glitchy goodness that is 100 gecs will be making their Leeds Festival debut in 2021. So now is the best time for you to get more prepared for what is bound to be one of the most energetic performances of the summer!

Join us as we count down 10 of the duo’s essential tracks, trust us they’ll grow on you.

10. money machine

Feel so clean like a money machine. What better place to start than with the groups’ most iconic track!

9. stupid horse

Name a better line than “Stupid horse, I just fell out of the Porsche”… We’ll wait.

3. sympathy 4 the grinch

The only Christmas song you need this year.

4. hand crushed by a mallet (Remix)

This line up and video were just too iconic to ignore.

5. ringtone

This bop might be familiar to those who read our last 10 Essential Tracks.

6. gecgecgec


7. bloodstains

You might want to turn down your volume down at around 1:45, you have been warned.


This is the most shocking but also the least shocking collab of all time, big up 403 gecs.

9. 800 db cloud

The drops in this track will hit differently next summer.

10. gec 2 Ü

2020: Remember Van Gogh was not fully appreciated in his time

2120: Remember 100 gecs were not fully appreciated in their time

100 gecs will be playing Leeds 2021 alongside six headliners including Stormzy, Post Malone and Liam Gallagher.