twenty one pilots are the Kings of the weekend

twenty one pilots are the Kings of the weekend

9:32 PM

Some may say it’s a connection with the fans who wait patiently all day by their stage; others might offer that it’s their ability to engage every member of the audience, regardless of their musical preferences, and bring everyone along for the ride. And for yet others, it is simply something unexplainable, that a band either possesses or doesn’t. Whatever your stance, the behemoth that is twenty one pilots has it in abundance!


From anthemic singles to cherished fan favourites, Ohio-based duo Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun gave their entire being to each and every track. From the plaintively hopeful ‘Holding On to You’, to the dark, moody ‘Cut My Lip’, each song brought fresh delights- and fresh theatrics!

Several members of the security team, after showing off their dance skills on the big screen, joined the boys on stage for a crowd-wide line dance: while the band’s seminal hit ‘Car Radio’ urged Tyler up the scaffolding at the edge of the stage, from where he gazed down upon the legions below. It would have been godlike, were it not for the shocked, humbled and delightfully bewildered expression on his face!

The closing reprise of ‘Morph’ was met with drummer Josh clambering on to the crowd, finishing the final drum solo while suspended on a drum riser – a feat both boys repeated in the final chorus of the brilliantly heart-wrenching ‘Trees’, one of the most important songs in the twenty one pilots catalogue. It brought floods of tears and uplifted, beaming smiles to the faces of the crowd in equal measure!

Confetti and lights, sing-alongs and swaying – it is impossible to condense the majesty of a twenty one pilots show into just a few words. It was, quite frankly, nothing short of monumental.