Billie Eilish proves superstardom is intrinsic as she owns the Main Stage

Billie Eilish proves superstardom is intrinsic as she owns the Main Stage

Posted:Sunday | 5:56 PM

She owned the Main Stage as fiercely as if she had been there countless times before.

Music lovers are inundated with choice when it comes to upcoming artists thanks to the virtues of streaming – yet a large contingent rally around one figure, their rise to fame can be meteoric.

Nobody knows this better than one Billie Eilish, a relatively unknown entity as little as a year ago. Sporting her signature baggy wardrobe in electric green, she had the entire crowd bouncing from the very opening notes of ‘Bad Guy’, the chorus of singing from the amassing audience almost on a par with Billie’s amplified vocals!

billie eilish at leeds festival 2019

With a devilish confidence that was profoundly infectious (change), the echoing pulses of synth ripples out through ‘My Strange Addiction’, through ‘You should see me in a Crown’, at which the crowd lost any remaining sense of decorum, attaining a state of feverish excitement that never filled from there on out, even through the touchingly sweet ‘Ocean Eyes’.Prowling about the stage like a stalking tigress, Billie conducted the crowd with a humble power far beyond what any of us could muster as a teenager, riding the nose-tingling bass and samples that pitch and fall like cresting waves.

All this at just 17 years of age. Superstardom really is intrinsic!

billie eilish set list at leeds festival 2019