Alma stays strong from start to Finnish

Alma stays strong from start to Finnish

Posted:Sunday | 3:31 PM

Pop sensation Alma rose to prominence in 2013 by competing in talent show ‘Idol’ in her native Finland at only 17.

Her inevitable break onto the scene came in 2015 — being signed to Universal Music Group — and now, here we are, championed by Annie Mac she played the BBC Radio 1 Stage earlier.

After a dramatic introduction, with an A.I-style voice stating that Alma has recently toured the US and Europe, the music kicked in with an initial wave of bass that was like something out of inception.

Alma opened with ‘Phases’ joined on stage by her ‘band’, DJ and hype girl, that kept the crowd enthused throughout.

The party really started with ‘Karma’, which was an incredibly mature and well-executed rendition. The crowd did everything from swaying to dancing, particularly for the aptly named track ‘Dance With Me’ — a real summertime song. It’s almost surprising how much energy everyone seemed to have for a Sunday lunchtime!

Alma also varied her performance by introducing additional band members for ‘Don’t You Feel It’ (Sub Focus song she features on); specifically, a live drummer and guitarist that added an extra layer of depth to her bass-y beats. The group then closed out the set with catchy ‘Chasing Highs’, the UK Top 20 hit released this year.

Alma’s future is as bright as her hair and today was a killer performance from start to… well… Finnish (sorry not sorry).

Oscar Hassan

Oscar Hassan