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And that’s it for day one… Who’s ready for day two?

Posted:Friday | 11:54 PM

Friday, Foo Fighters, and fireworks

Posted:Friday | 11:45 PM
Fantastic Foo Fighters smash headline Leeds Festival slot

Fantastic Foo Fighters smash headline Leeds Festival slot

Posted:Friday | 11:37 PM

Dave Grohl and the gang left Leeds Festival awestruck.

It’s the sign of a terrific band when a two-and-a-half-hour set absolutely flies by. Foo Fighters absolutely blew everyone away with a performance that arguably won’t be topped all weekend.

Kicking things off with ‘The Pretender’, Dave Grohl and the gang launched themselves into a setlist that had something for everyone. From old school classics like ‘Learn to Fly’ to modern-day tunes such as ‘The Sky is a Neighbourhood’, every single member of the Friday night crowd had something to sing, shout, bop, and mosh to.

foo fighters leeds festival 2019

The greatest moment of the night was when the band got a Freddie Mercury impersonator up on stage to help Taylor Hawkins sing ‘Under Pressure’. It was something that won’t be forgotten by anyone – Grohl and Hawkins included – for a long time, if their reactions were anything to go by.

It’s crazy to think that the Foo Fighters have been doing this for 25 years but, like a fine wine, the American rock legends just get better with age. The tightness of the set and how they play off one another is a joy to behold, and everyone who left the Main Stage area on Friday night went home with smiles across their faces.

A Day to Remember give the Main Stage a… well, what they say on the tin!

A Day to Remember give the Main Stage a… well, what they say on the tin!

Posted:Friday | 11:26 PM

Are you looking for fierce mosh pits, swinging fists and the definite possibility of adding several new bruises to your collection? Then A Day To Remember are the band for you!

Despite taking a poppier turn in recent years, their newest singles still carry that same blend of post-hardcore angst and pop punk virility that has become the band’s hallmark over the past decade and beyond. However, it is their classic material where the true magic lay for the flock of fans hustled around the ever-filling Main Stage.

Digging back in amongst their old discography, the band honoured the ten-year anniversary of their seminal album ‘Homesick’ in style! From the positively anarchic (and delightfully titled) ‘I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?’, all the way to the other end of the spectrum with ‘If It Means A Lot To You’, a palpable tear-jerker that ;eft not a dry eye in the house, it was a true showcase of the band’s depth, humanity and versatility.

Continuing to please their most dedicated fans, the band resurrected deep-cut track, and looking back ever further, brought out all of our inner hardcore teenagers with the now iconic ‘Plot to Bomb the Panhandle’. Nobody escaped the mosh pit without a couple of injuries for their trouble, but manage to get thrown above the crowd and the rippling sea of bouncing heads and swaying hands was a joy to behold. Spectacular.

Basement are far from the bottom rung of the ladder!

Basement are far from the bottom rung of the ladder!

Posted:Friday | 10:19 PM

Headlining a stage right before one of rock’s biggest names takes to theirs less than 300 metres away is no mean feat – but if anyone is capable of the task, angst-driven pop-rockers Basement are the ones to call upon.

Frontman Andrew Fisher’s idiosyncratic vocals possess an instantly endearing lilt, which offsets the pitching and falling guitar lines to carry you with them through every rousing chorus. Their every-man persona makes them instantly identifiable, but onstage their rousing party vibes are a signpost of their genuine talent: to top it all off, the mosh pit was up there with the most unbridled of the day!

Their appeal to a core contingent of fans was evident, and yet at the same time, they possess a genuine warmth that it is impossible to fabricate. Who knows- Basement could be your new favourite band!

Wind down with a late night movie

Posted:Friday | 9:42 PM

After an entire day chock full of seeing your favourite artists (and finding some new favourites), you deserve some relaxation in the form of a late-night movie. Take the weight off your feet and settle down in at the Film Oxford Cinema Tent, where we’ll be showing some of the biggest and best movies late into the night.

What’s on the schedule for Friday night? A series of shorts starting at midnight, immediately followed by the box office smash ‘Deadpool 2’. The night ends with more shorts at 2:15 AM (or you can head to Piccadilly Party and keep things going).

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Sing along with Sundara Karma at Leeds

Posted:Friday | 9:19 PM
Bark as venomous as their bite: This is Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

Bark as venomous as their bite: This is Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

Posted:Friday | 8:08 PM

The biggest figures in rock music have never minced their words – the respect and admiration they gain from audiences are due in part, if not largely, to their unapologetic approach to their craft and to their everyday lives.

Of nobody is this more true than Frank Carter, who dominated the Main Stage backed by his ever-faithful, ever-loved Rattlesnakes. Every note carried a palpable energy as the band blasted through a jam-packed setlist of songs at positively breakneck speed (epitomised by the bone-crushing ‘Crowbar’!)!

frank carter and the rattlesnakes set list leeds festival 2019

Frank Carter’s driving message has always been that of inclusion. His song ‘Wild Flowers’ gave the women in the audience their moment to seize in brilliant style. All-female mosh pits erupted on both sides of the stage, as waves upon waves of women from all walks of life cascaded over the barriers. It would have been rather like a trellis of those self-same wild flowers, if not for the fact that every single one was screaming the lyrics at the top of her lungs! Shrinking violets we are certainly not.

That sense of defiance was also directed at other targets besides misogyny – most powerfully, towards the current state of the government. Backed by statistics that really speak for themselves, the band pummelled through the emphatic ‘I Hate You’, with chants of ‘F*** Boris!’ echoing long into the encroaching darkness.

Powerful, political, and very, very sweaty – exactly as any good Frank Carter set should be!