Leeds 2023


Leeds 2023 was an unforgettable experience…

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Getting the weekend underway with a touch of class..

Ethel Cain‘s performance at Leeds 2023 was shrouded in mystique, making it a truly captivating experience. Her unique sound was utterly enchanting, a slow burn that seemed to sear deep into the audience’s souls. Amidst the diverse lineup, Cain’s set stood out as a distinct and almost full-blown country song, complete with its own harmonica riffs that were met with thunderous applause. Throughout her performance, Cain poured all her power and energy into her short time on stage, leaving the crowd mystified in the best possible way. It was evident that her Leeds performance was just a taste of the incredible potential she possesses.

Steve Lacy, renowned for his work with The Internet, graced the East Stage with a performance filled with velvety soul and RnB. His masterful work on the fretboard added a distinct touch to the set. Lacy’s energy and enthusiasm were palpable, especially in his early evening slot at Bramham Park, as he expressed his gratitude to the crowd, saying, “I appreciate each of you being here with me as the sun sets.” The grand finale was marked by his chart-topping US hit, “Bad Habit.”

On the first eve of this years festival, Billie Eilish took the stage as the headline act, delivering an unforgettable performance. While her chart-topping hit ‘Bad Guy’ set the crowd on fire, it was her magnum opus and closing number, ‘Happier Than Ever,’ that truly left an enduring impression. Accompanied by a spectacular fireworks display, Eilish’s presence exuded a magnetic aura, effortlessly ensnaring the hearts of every festival-goer in attendance. In that moment, distractions and diversions faded into oblivion as an entire sea of fans stood enchanted by the ethereal Billie Eilish, savoring the extraordinary culmination of the festival’s first night.


Yard Act views this moment with great significance, openly acknowledging that their set at Reading held less importance compared to this one. Their sentiment is justified, given that this is their local turf and the very festival they grew up attending. The enthusiasm and energy they bring to this performance are palpable, enhancing their presence. Beyond the confines of typical stage openers, Yard Act showcases their creativity with mannequins on stage and a captivating dance interlude. The raw sound of the saxophone, a welcome element in post-punk, adds a layer of texture, and the need to occupy both physical and sonic spaces drives them to push the boundaries further, striving for grandeur. In the end, it appears that these bold decisions pay off handsomely.

Loyle Carner graced the stage with an enchanting performance that carved its own space. It was Loyle Carner’s extraordinary stage presence and charismatic allure that left an enduring impact. His remarkable talent for forging authentic connections with those who might not have been fully engaged before his show was a mesmerising sight to behold.

Sam Fender‘s performance was absolutely extraordinary. His boundless energy, incredible vocal range, and commanding stage presence held the entire audience in thrall from the very beginning to the closing notes.

What made the experience truly magical was Fender’s profound connection to the festival and his unique ability to establish a deeply personal rapport with the audience through his heartfelt storytelling. This intimacy added a layer of warmth to the grand festival setting. When Fender modestly confessed, “We never imagined we’d find so much joy in our work and have the privilege to headline this stage,” it was clear that the stage wasn’t just a platform, but the realisation of a lifelong dream for the entire band.


A brief spot in the rain allowed for a dance at the R1 Dance stage. The female DJ collective Girls Don’t Sync electrified the Radio 1 Dance Stage, offering a mix of great songs that resonated with a diverse crowd.

The 1975‘s performance at Leeds Festival served as a poignant celebration of their remarkable 10-year journey since the release of their self-titled album. In a nostalgic time warp, they resurrected the iconic rectangular box backdrop, embracing the familiar black and white era that fans adore, complete with leather jackets and skinny jeans.

In the midst of this reverie, a touching moment unfolded as frontman Matty Healy encouraged the crowd to hoist others onto their shoulders during the emotional track “Robbers.” Adding to the excitement, the band delighted fans with the announcement of an upcoming tour scheduled for February 2024. With his signature charm, Healy playfully remarked, “What’s next, another banger?” teasing their hit “Pressure.”

Starting with tracks from their debut album, the set journeyed through their evolving discography over the years, culminating in the crowd-engaging “About You.” Their performance left the audience echoing the chorus long after the final note had faded