Leeds 2008


“My best friend got onstage with Avenged Sevenfold! Contrary to what everyone else thinks i thought she did amazing, and she knew the lyrics – she was just petrified!I had the time of my life, so much fun, didnt have a care in the world! ” Karis Kimberly Carver

“To be able to come back every few years and be the last band on, that’s pretty f*!:ing cool. When we played with System Of A Down, I remember it was one of the most intense, electric and awesome gigs that we’ve ever played. There’s something about Leeds that always brings out the best in us.” Lars Ulrich, Metallica.

“My favourite thing is just camping, partying and watching bands with good friends. We really can’t wait to play! Everyone I know who’s been to Leeds says it’s amazing!” Tord Overland-Knudsen, The Wombats