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Unreal Post Malone set closes Leeds Festival in sensational fashion

Unreal Post Malone set closes Leeds Festival in sensational fashion

Posted:Sunday | 11:02 PM

The award-winning artist delivered weekend’s final headline set with aplomb.

If you were wondering what the Main Stage looked like it was lit up literally and figuratively, then you only needed to witness Post Malone’s set on Sunday night at Leeds Festival.


Bathed in pyrotechnics and fireworks for large portions of his set, Post Malone provided yet another example as to why he’s one of the biggest acts in the world right now. The multi-talented artist smashed his headline gig and, in the process, cemented himself in the hearts and minds of everyone who bore witness to his performance.

Make no mistake, this was a night that will live long in the memory.


Feeding off the energy from a raucous crowd, Post Malone flew through his most iconic tunes. ‘Psycho’, ‘Sunflower’, ‘White Iverson’, and ‘I Fall Apart’ were just four of the songs that the American poured his soul into, and the audience duly obliged in giving as much back.

The fact that Post Malone thanked the crowd after every song was indicative of how appreciative he was of their support and affection. Dedicating one of his final songs – the legendary ‘Rockstar’ – to everyone in attendance, Post Malone couldn’t have done or said more as the curtain finally came down on Leeds Festival 2019.

Hoodie Allen shows Leeds Festival what he’s made of

Hoodie Allen shows Leeds Festival what he’s made of

Posted:Sunday | 9:27 PM

The penultimate Festival Republic Stage showing saw Hoodie Allen drive the crowd wild.

His stage name might be a play on words, but there was nothing fake about Hoodie Allen’s performance at the Festival Republic Stage on Sunday evening. The rapper and singer-songwriter lit up the tent with a number of strong tunes, and there was even time for Hoodie Allen to crowd surf in an inflatable dinghy. You truly had to be there.

In an action-packed 30-minute slot, Hoodie and his backing band churned out YouTube hit after YouTube hit for the delighted crowd. ‘Small Town’, ‘Eighteen Cool’, and ‘Show Me What You’re Made Of’ ensured that mass singalongs were the name of the game, while new tune ‘Come Around’ drew applause too.

‘No Interruption’ capped off a perfect evening spent in good company. Hoodie eked out every sinew of energy left from a crowd that had spent the past three days throwing themselves into everything Leeds Festival had to offer, but the crowd was happy to oblige for such a popular artist. Hoodie brought enthusiasm, and the crowd returned as much in kind.

Friendships were reacquainted between Hoodie and his adoring fanbase, and there were some other people present who will certainly be checking out his material once Leeds Festival is officially over.

Pvris’ punchy performance wows Leeds Festival crowd

Pvris’ punchy performance wows Leeds Festival crowd

Posted:Sunday | 8:24 PM

Popular post-hardcore trio delivered a display full of biggest hits.

There are few better ways to open a set than with ‘St. Patrick’, and that’s exactly how PVRIS got the crowd behind them at the Radio 1 Stage at Leeds Festival.

The post-hardcore band, who fuse their main genre with alternative rock and electropop, were entertaining and energetic as they brought a string of classics to those assembled as the sun set on Sunday.

‘Anyone Else’, ‘You and I’ and ‘Death of Me’ were two such examples of how PVRIS merge their variety of genres together, and the crowd lapped it up as they swayed at the slow parts and jumped at the frenetic bits.

Newly released song ‘Hallucinations’ was belted back to PVRIS just as emphatically as the Massachusetts trio played it. For a tune that has just been released, it was mightily impressive to see the audience give as good as they got. Lynn Gunn’s impressive voice carried across the Radio 1 Stage and into the crowd, and there is very little that can drown her out when she’s on this form.

As expected, ‘My House’ brought PVRIS’ set to a close. Their defining song was a fitting conclusion to what had been a super performance, that’s for sure.

Anderson .Paak slam dunks the funk at Leeds Festival

Anderson .Paak slam dunks the funk at Leeds Festival

Posted:Sunday | 6:01 PM

.Paak and the Free Nationals’ blend of soul, R&B, and more wowed the Main Stage audience.

Summer festivals require scorching weather and banging tunes. With beautiful blue skies overhead, the Main Stage crowd only needed someone to deliver on the music – and Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals did just that.

Blending a myriad of genres including, but not reserved to, blues, funk, soul, R&B, rap, and jazz, .Paak and his band delivered a fresh, zestful performance that brought good vibes and beaming smiles to everyone’s minds and faces.

With storming songs ‘King James’ and ‘Come Down’ leading the way, it was hard not to find yourself tapping your feet, clapping along, or throwing all kinds of shapes as .Paak lit up the stage. ‘Milk ‘n’ Honey’ helped to bring a rapid tempo to proceedings, but it was ‘Bubblin’’ that really made this performance so special. Anderson .Paak’s iconic song brought his and the Free Nationals’ set to an end, but they honestly could have gone on for much longer.

.Paak was clearly loving life as he looked out onto a sea of long-time and new supporters. The crowd drew on every ounce of energy it could after three days of constant dancing already, and it helped contribute to a fantastic showing that sent everyone away happy.

anderson paak on stage at leeds festival 2019 2
Aitch shows off considerable talent on Radio 1 Stage

Aitch shows off considerable talent on Radio 1 Stage

Posted:Sunday | 5:52 PM

The Manchester-born rapper delivered a performance to remember at Leeds Festival.

A full tent’s worth of energetic punters served as proof of Aitch’s growing popularity at Leeds Festival on Sunday afternoon. Bumped up to the Radio 1 Stage ahead of his performance, Aitch made sure that the huge crowd that watched his 30-minute set were given a gig to remember.

Make no mistake, the future is extraordinarily bright for the Manchester-born rapper. With the audience firmly planted in his hand, Aitch breezed through a sweaty-yet-enjoyable number of instant classics. ‘Taste (Make It Shake)’, ‘Wait’, and ‘Keisha & Becky Remix’ brought the house down.

aitch on stage at leeds festival 2019

Aitch’s consistent calls for “the biggest mosh pits of the day so far” were greeted with wild enthusiasm too, and the 20-year-old lapped up the adulation that spilled out of every corner of the packed Radio 1 Stage tent.

Aitch – whose real name is Harrison Armstrong – will be headlining festivals like this one in the near future. His infectious personality, instantly recognizable songs, and rapid rise over the past year have made him one of the most exciting artists to emerge recently. Give it enough time, and there will be more people than those present at Leeds Festival who will be able to fire Aitch’s lyrics right back at him.

Georgia’s exhilarating electropop lights up Radio 1 Dance Stage

Georgia’s exhilarating electropop lights up Radio 1 Dance Stage

Posted:Sunday | 3:58 PM

The London-based artist certainly worked the dancefloor at Leeds Festival.

It’s quite fitting that Georgia’s most popular song is ‘Work About the Dancefloor’, as she certainly did so on the Radio 1 Dance Stage on Sunday afternoon.

Taking to a festival stage for the very first time might be daunting for some solo artists, but not Georgia. The Londoner impressed with a stunning vocal range that, combined with her tight electronic drum skills, gave those present a chilled performance away from the glare of the summer sun. A brilliant instrumental on the drums partway through her set was indicative of how talented Georgia is, and her repertoire of other songs was warmly received too.

Bringing her slice of electropop to the Radio 1 tent, Georgia rattled through top tunes like ‘Feel It’ and the aforementioned ‘Work About the Dancefloor’. There was even time for Georgia to debut her latest song called ‘Never Let You Go’, and it was very much in keeping with the mellow-yet-dance vibe that she’s going for.

Based off of this performance, it won’t be the last time that we see Georgia at Leeds Festival. In truth, it wouldn’t be majorly surprising to see her promoted to a bigger stage next time out. It would be worth it, after all.

Against the Current make waves on Leeds Festival Main Stage

Against the Current make waves on Leeds Festival Main Stage

Posted:Sunday | 2:54 PM

Their pulsating set had this pop-punk trio swimming in the right direction.

If it was energy that you wanted on a hot Sunday afternoon, Against The Current were happy to oblige with gusto.

The three-piece brought their signature pop-punk vibes to the Main Stage and played their way through some of their most well-known songs. Whether you’ve been a fan of theirs since the beginning or only recently come across them, Against The Current had something for everyone as they brought an ocean of noise to Leeds Festival.

The likes of ‘Gravity’ and ‘Voices’ – popular songs on the band’s YouTube channel – enabled the entire audience to join in without fear of missing out. Newer numbers, such as ‘Almost Forgot’ and ‘I Like The Way’ were given run-outs too, as Against The Current added songs from their latest album ‘Past Lives’. ‘Wasteland’, the ninth track from debut album ‘In Our Bones’, closed out their set in superb style and ensured that they were warmly applauded off at the end.

Lead singer Chrissy Costanza led the audience in plenty of arm waving and jumping throughout, while Dan Gow and Will Ferri were excellent on guitar and drums respectively. It was a tight performance that belied the band’s tender years, but one that bodes well for the future.

Dave delivers knockout performance at Leeds Festival

Dave delivers knockout performance at Leeds Festival

Posted:Saturday | 11:35 PM

The multi-talented artist dazzled the packed crowd with a storming 30-minute set.

Take one guess over who the most anticipated artist was at Leeds Festival on Saturday night.

If you picked Dave, you’d be right. The 21-year-old hip hop and rap artist constantly looked floored at the amount of support he had at the Radio 1 Stage tonight – and with good reason. The crowd was so packed that people had to watch Dave from outside of the tent, with those arriving late to the party having to watch from about seven or eight rows deep.

Not that they couldn’t hear him perform, mind you. Dave exploded into life with ‘Psycho’ and, spurred on by a vocal, vibrant, and unrelenting crowd, strode purposefully through other favorites including – yep, you’ve guessed it – ‘Thiago Silva’.

‘Streatham’ and ‘Funky Friday’ were also greeted with gusto and, seemingly humbled by the experience, Dave truly looked lost for words as he soaked in the atmosphere. Not many 21-year-olds can pull off such a display, but Dave did with aplomb and was fully deserving of the reception he received.

Off the back of his gig, it won’t be a surprise to see him headlining a major festival in the near future. It would be truly deserved for an exciting young artist.

Royal Blood thunderously rock Leeds Festival Main Stage

Royal Blood thunderously rock Leeds Festival Main Stage

Posted:Saturday | 10:24 PM

The Brighton duo brought the noise with a deafening hour-long performance.

Royal Blood, if you pardon the pun, showed that they were the kings of the Leeds Festival Main Stage on Saturday. The Brighton duo shook the stage to its very foundations with a deafening set that proved you don’t need a huge band to make a massive racket.

‘Hook, Line & Sinker’ set the tone for what was to be a blistering hour-long performance from Royal Blood, and the cacophony that followed was full of rip-roaring crowd favorites. ‘Little Monster’, ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’, and ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ were just three of the selected tracks. In truth, though, it mattered not what was played as the audience moshed, jumped, and sang their hearts out for Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher.

royal blood crowd at leeds festival 2019

The pair debuted a new song called ‘Boiler Maker’ that is certain to feature on their third LP. If it was anything to go by, the next album from Royal Blood will be full of more blues-rock, drum, and bass for fans to plug into their ears.

The reception that Kerr and Thatcher received as they closed out their set with the stunning ‘Out of the Black’ was more than merited for a gig full of passion, heart, and enthusiasm. One that will linger in the memory for a long time.

The Wombats light up Main Stage with storming indie rock gig

The Wombats light up Main Stage with storming indie rock gig

Posted:Saturday | 7:36 PM

The Liverpool trio’s string of classic songs brought the house down.

It was their final gig until their fifth album is complete, and The Wombats couldn’t have picked a better place than Leeds Festival to (temporarily) say goodbye. The Liverpool trio was in fine form as they lavished the Main Stage crowd with a number of hits – a couple of which caused stage invasions from human-sized wombats.

Blasting through an array of well-known songs, The Wombats gave the audience what they’d come to see. Namely, banging tunes that they could dance to. ‘Techno Fan’, ‘Lemon to a Knife Fight’, and ‘Leaving for New York’ induced mass singalongs and plenty of bouncing. Slower numbers like ‘Just Give Me a Try’ were well received too, but it was their breakout hit that was to cause the biggest cheer of the evening.

‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ had everyone, from the very front to the very back, bopping and singing the lyrics back to The Wombats, and it was appreciated by the lads from Merseyside once the song had drawn to a close.

With no potential release date for their next LP confirmed, it could be a long time before we see The Wombats again. This, then, was a fitting way to end things for the time being.

Radio 1 Stage crowd goes wild for YouTube sensation Joji

Radio 1 Stage crowd goes wild for YouTube sensation Joji

Posted:Saturday | 7:32 PM

The artist formerly known as Filthy Frank brought his signature Lo-Fi vibes.

A thunderous roar greeted Joji’s arrival on the Radio 1 Stage.

The multi-talented Japanese singer-songwriter’s music might be on the mellower side than it was under his former pseudonym Filthy Frank, but it was just as well-received (if not more so) by the packed crowd on Saturday afternoon.

Tune after tune was applauded with vigor, and chants of “Joji! Joji!” regularly broke out to his amusement. ‘Will He’, ‘Attention’, and ‘Can’t Get Over You’ were just three such numbers that evoked mass singalongs. It was Joji’s most recognizable song, however, that brought the house down at the climax of his set.

Such is its popularity, ‘Slow Dancing in the Dark’, from debut album ‘Ballads 1’, was given two run-outs to close out Joji’s performance. Acoustic and more bombastic editions were lapped up by the crowd and left Joji speechless at the end.

There was even time for a quick cover of classic Toy Story song ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ that, as expected, went down a treat too. A fitting song for the togetherness on show from everyone inside the Radio 1 Stage tent.

DigDat drills home growing popularity on BBC Radio 1Xtra Stage

DigDat drills home growing popularity on BBC Radio 1Xtra Stage

Posted:Saturday | 5:51 PM

The rapper’s rousing set resonated on day two at Leeds Festival.

The playlist song that preceded his arrival channeled Julius Caesar’s infamous “I came, I saw, I conquered” quote. It was a fitting tune to broadcast before DigDat took to the Radio 1Xtra Stage because, after a relentless 25-minute performance, the South London rapper certainly did.

Despite only being active on the UK drill scene since last September, the Lewisham-born artist was at ease on the stage and gave those watching a memory that won’t leave them for some time yet – if ever.

In front of a heaving audience, DigDat powered through his biggest hits, ‘Friday’ and ‘AirForce’. DigDat made sure that one of the weekend’s biggest mosh pits was on show inside the Radio 1Xtra Stage tent. It did justice to the rapid rise that DigDat has enjoyed in the past 11 months and cemented his place as one of the most exciting acts to emerge from the UK in recent times.

If his popularity on the Radio 1Xtra Stage was anything to go by, it won’t be long before DigDat is taking the world by storm. Those who witnessed his set this afternoon, though, can say they were there as his journey began, and what a journey it will be.

Charli XCX’s stunning summery set lights up Main Stage

Charli XCX’s stunning summery set lights up Main Stage

Posted:Saturday | 4:00 PM

Crowd pleasers galore as Leeds Festival put its dancing shoes on for the electropop star.

“I wanna see you dance, even if you don’t know these songs,” Charli XCX told the Main Stage crowd.

Leeds Festival didn’t need a second invitation on Saturday afternoon, and the singer-songwriter’s choice of beloved songs was just the ticket as those assembled enjoyed a banging time in the sun.

Starting her set off with ‘I Blame it on Your Love’, the Essex native bounced, strutted, and bopped her way across the stage with other well-known numbers such as ‘Fancy’, ‘1999’, and ‘I Love It (I Don’t Care)’.

Even lesser-known songs like ‘Focus’ and ‘Gone’ were appreciated by the packed crowd no matter whether people were at the front or the back. ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls Night Out’ gave, well, boys and girls their chance to shine too, even if all genders enjoyed each song in equal measure.

Diplo-produced ‘Spicy’, a cover of the iconic Spice Girls’ ‘Wannabe’ tune was also on display as Charli XCX threw things back to the 90s before she closed her set with the crowd-pleasing ‘Boom Clap’. It proved to be the perfect end to an afternoon of electropop and ensured that Charli XCX’s first time on the Main Stage was as memorable as her previous performances at Leeds Festival.

The LaFontaines bring slamming Scottish set to Radio 1 Dance Stage

The LaFontaines bring slamming Scottish set to Radio 1 Dance Stage

Posted:Saturday | 2:07 PM

The Glaswegian rockers got Saturday at Leeds Festival off to a stellar start.

How do you ensure that everyone is wide awake on day two of Leeds Festival? Well, you unleash hip hop rock specialists The LaFontaines and compel the whole place to dance.

The Scottish trio had just two commands for everyone present in the Radio 1 Dance Stage tent: Put your hands up and jump! The crowd duly obliged, and it led to a 40-minute-long performance that certainly shook the cobwebs away after a late Friday night.

The LaFontaines delivered a gig that was full of verve, swagger, and bravado as they made sure that tracks from each of their three albums got a runout. The biggest cheers for the afternoon came for crowd favorites ‘King’ and ‘Under the Storm’, and the audience more than played their part in belting back each song’s chorus to Kerr, Jamie, and Darren.

Die-hard fans went home happy, and it’s inevitable that The LaFontaines will have scooped up some new supporters after their pulsating set. Band influences in The Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine were notable but, if The LaFontaines continue to impress like they did today at Leeds Festival, they are more than capable of joining those elite acts in this unique musical genre.

Fantastic Foo Fighters smash headline Leeds Festival slot

Fantastic Foo Fighters smash headline Leeds Festival slot

Posted:Friday | 11:37 PM

Dave Grohl and the gang left Leeds Festival awestruck.

It’s the sign of a terrific band when a two-and-a-half-hour set absolutely flies by. Foo Fighters absolutely blew everyone away with a performance that arguably won’t be topped all weekend.

Kicking things off with ‘The Pretender’, Dave Grohl and the gang launched themselves into a setlist that had something for everyone. From old school classics like ‘Learn to Fly’ to modern-day tunes such as ‘The Sky is a Neighbourhood’, every single member of the Friday night crowd had something to sing, shout, bop, and mosh to.

foo fighters leeds festival 2019

The greatest moment of the night was when the band got a Freddie Mercury impersonator up on stage to help Taylor Hawkins sing ‘Under Pressure’. It was something that won’t be forgotten by anyone – Grohl and Hawkins included – for a long time, if their reactions were anything to go by.

It’s crazy to think that the Foo Fighters have been doing this for 25 years but, like a fine wine, the American rock legends just get better with age. The tightness of the set and how they play off one another is a joy to behold, and everyone who left the Main Stage area on Friday night went home with smiles across their faces.

Gunna gives electrifying Radio 1 Stage performance

Gunna gives electrifying Radio 1 Stage performance

Posted:Friday | 7:52 PM

The Georgia rapper’s breathless display is one for Leeds Festival goers to remember.

He made the crowd wait, but it was worth it. Gunna’s Radio 1 Stage performance was delayed slightly, but he more than made up for it with a pulsating hip hop set that had the entire tent bouncing.

The 26-year-old showed that he knows how to work a crowd and the relentless energy that he brought spurred everyone on throughout the 30-minute gig. Not content with just the front jumping for the entire set, Gunna made sure that every person present – all the way to the back – felt involved as he sped through some classic songs.

‘Speed it Up’ and ‘Close Friends’ drew the biggest cheers of the evening, but in truth, it didn’t matter what tunes Gunna selected to perform. His enthusiasm and rapport with the Radio 1 Stage crowd were secure from the get-go. It was only strengthened further as, before making his way off stage, Gunna thanked the entire front row with high-fives as proof of his appreciation.

The Radio 1 Stage has seen some impressive acts so far at Leeds Festival, and Gunna is certainly one of those. If he had the time, it’s inevitable that he’d still be throwing shapes with everyone right now.

nothing,nowhere. serenades The Pit with trademark medolic rap

nothing,nowhere. serenades The Pit with trademark medolic rap

Posted:Friday | 6:46 PM

The American rapper cooled things down at Leeds Festival.

nothing,nowhere. brought his typically cool vibes to The Pit at Leeds Festival on a Friday afternoon where some chill was much needed.

A packed tent required some cooling down, and the American emo-rapper ensured that the temperature was lowered – even if the volume wasn’t. The pace wasn’t as frantic as other acts, but the crowd responded just as energetically as nothing,nowhere. broke out some of his biggest hits.

‘Clarity in Kerosene’ went down a treat, as expected, while other tunes such as ‘Dread’ were as warmly received as any other Nothing, Nowhere number. The biggest cheer of the afternoon, though, was reserved for crowd favourites ‘Hopes Up’ and ‘Hammer’. Every person in The Pit sang and rapped along to every word and gave Nothing, Nowhere just as much energy back as he belted out from the stage.

Draped in a fanmade Union Jack flag, complete with his logo and name, nothing,nowhere. showed his appreciation for those working alongside, too. The singer-songwriter drew wild reactions from the crowd with his praise for his backing band and sound engineer – a truly heartwarming moment on an afternoon where his signature blend of melodic rap and indie rock was in abundance.

Yungblud thrills with electric Main Stage set and special guest

Yungblud thrills with electric Main Stage set and special guest

Posted:Friday | 4:32 PM

The Yorkshire native brought his unrelenting energy to the Main Stage.

Yungblud certainly knows how to party. The genre-bending artist brought the house down with a homecoming set that was full of the surprises and raw emotion that have become his signature sound.

Fusing hip hop, alternative rock, and pop-punk in equal measure, Yungblud gave the crowd what they wanted with a 30-minute set complete with relentless energy and genuine affection for his audience.

Banging tunes like ‘I Love You, Will You Marry Me’, ‘Loner’, and ‘21st Century Liability’ whipped the crowd into a frenzy that stayed throughout the performance. The biggest surprise of his set, however, came when he invited Machine Gun Kelly onto the stage to the delight of everyone watching! The duo rocked the Main Stage with Kelly’s ‘I Think I’m Okay’, and it’ll be hard to forget just how amazing the pair’s on-stage chemistry was.

yungblud machine gun kelly leeds festival 2019

Speaking of chemistry, Yungblud’s relationship with his die-hard fans was hard to ignore, too. At one point, with the crowd belting his song back at him, Yungblud was so touched that he couldn’t help but stand still and soak in the moment. It was a memory that captured the mood on a hot, sunny Friday, and everyone in attendance – Yungblud included – won’t forget this gig in a hurry.

Enter Shikari rock the Main Stage with their signature style

Enter Shikari rock the Main Stage with their signature style

Posted:Friday | 4:32 PM

The post-hardcore rock quartet delivered another rousing set at Leeds Festival.

If it was ever in doubt, Enter Shikari are one of the best live acts around at the moment. The post-hardcore rock band absolutely smashed their Leeds Festival set on the Main Stage with a number of their biggest hits including ‘Sssnakepit’ and ‘Rabble Rouser’.

Bringing their trademark energy to the stage, Enter Shikari opened with the newly-released single ‘Stop the Clocks’ to ensure that the assembled crowd was ready for the other songs to come. They even threw themselves and the crowd through an eight-minute medley comprised of four other banging songs: ‘Sorry, You’re Not a Winner’, ‘No Sleep Tonight’, ‘The Last Garrison’, and ‘Meltdown’ were interwoven superbly and kept the crowd on their feet – literally and metaphorically.

enter shikari crowd leeds festival 2019

The likable St Albans quartet made everyone know just how appreciative they were for their ongoing support, and frontman Rou Reynolds’ call to arms before the final song, ‘Live Outside’, summed up everything that the band holds dear.

“At the end of this festival, take this community feeling into the world and spread it around. Make everyone savor it and drink it in,” Reynolds said.

If there’s anything we’ll all take from Leeds Festival, it’ll be that sense of camaraderie that was on display throughout their performance.

AE Mak wows the crowd on the Festival Republic Stage

AE Mak wows the crowd on the Festival Republic Stage

Posted:Friday | 2:03 PM

AE Mak’s soulful voice and vibrant dance moves had us mesmerized.

AE Mak lit up the Festival Republic Stage on Friday afternoon with a set that was as vibrant as it was melodic. Transporting the crowd to another world, Mak was a bundle of enthusiasm that made her half-hour set one to remember.

Mak, whose real name is Aoife McCann, was full of energy as she threw herself into a slew of stunning dance moves. Combining her interpretive movements with angelic vocals, AE Mak wowed the crowd – and even had some fans echoing every stage move that she made.

Her fusion of electropop and dance music worked extremely well and set Mak out as one to watch over the months and years to come. It’s no wonder that she’s won admirers from BBC Radio 6 to Radio X, and her blend of electronica, unique choreography, and vocal rhythms filled every inch of the Festival Republic Stage.

Standout tunes such as ‘Too Sad to Sing’ and ‘I Can Feel It in My Bones’ had the crowd bopping and maneuvering just as much as AE Mak, and there will certainly be people who walked away from her set on the Festival Republic Stage with a new artist to follow religiously.

Milk Teeth kick off Leeds Festival in style

Milk Teeth kick off Leeds Festival in style

Posted:Friday | 1:56 PM

The trio gave us a pacy set that was the perfect way to get Leeds Festival up and running.

They might have been appearing on the Main Stage for the first time, but rockers Milk Teeth gave us a set to remember under the blazing Friday sun.

The three-piece Gloucestershire punk rockers are no strangers to Leeds Festival, and their past experiences showed as they lit up the stage, literally and metaphorically. Despite it being early, Milk Teeth’s heart-pounding drums, thundering bass lines, and frantic guitar riffs jolted the crowd to life and, by the end, had them eating out of the palms of their hands.

milk teeth leeds festival 2019

Becky Blomfield and Em Foster were as good as ever vocally, and their lyrics carried across the Main Stage and into the crowd with ease. It wouldn’t have been surprising if you could have heard them across most of the arena or further afield.

Crowd favourites ‘Owning Your Okayness’ and ‘Stain’ were blasted out of the speakers and, save for relatively slow burner ‘Swear Jar’, Milk Teeth were relentless as they shone in the sunshine.

It was the perfect way to get Leeds Festival up and running this year, and it’s a dead cert that Milk Teeth will have won new admirers and cemented their relationship with their long-time fans further with this showing.