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The Kites

Hailing from the Yorkshire Wharfedale towns of Otley and Ilkley, brothers Joe (vocals/guitar) and Ollie (drums) met Jake (lead guitar) at school. The group’s shared passion for songwriting led the band to connect with bassist Elodie- forming The Kites.

Playing in battle-of-the-band nights and open-mics helped carve the punchy indie-pop sound The Kites boast today. Combining ambitious melodies with lyrics fuelled by zeitgeist, the band have been gathering momentum and building a dedicated fan base at speed- showcasing their unrelenting sound on the DORK stage at Live At Leeds 2023.

Consistently championed by BBC Introducing Yorkshire and Leeds, the band take inspiration from names such as Twenty-One Pilots, Wunderhorse and Stevie Wonder. Latest track ‘Living Room’ follows the band’s trusty formula of radio-ready guitar bangers.