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Chevron Stage presented by JDSaturday4:10 pm

LS23Friday1:30 am

After his first release on Low Down Deep in November 19 2019, Sota has released a variety of styles and flavours, with a main focus of high energy music packaged for the dance floor. With collabs with Logan D, Turno, and plenty more huge names in the works – he is proving himself to be a household name in the future of both jump up and drum and bass as a whole. Club hits such as ‘Down’, ‘Frontin’ and ‘Pumpers’ have seen plays on some of the world’s biggest stages, as well as airtime on BBC Radio 1 and KissFM. As the potential of the 2021 club season becoming a reality draws closer, Sota is getting ready to unleash a years worth of aggressive, anthemic and technical drum and bass to crowds worldwide.

Track support from Andy C, A.M.C, Turno, Mollie Collins, Problem Central, Fade Black, Ed Solo and many more