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BBC Radio 1 StageSunday8:50 pm

North-West London rapper Skrapz has two distinct sides to his music: one that focuses on harder, road rap and the other which is melodic and calm. Skrapz has become known for music which reflects his life and the patchwork of his experiences. Early in his career, Skrapz was a part of garage and grime rap group SLK. Now, he is most known for his close association with long term friend and rapper Nines, the two are part of the same collective entitled Ice City Boyz.

2010 saw the release of Skrapz’ debut album, Skrapz Is Back, but before he could tour the record he was sentenced to prison for five years; while there, his crew released another mixtape, Shutdown Season. Toward the end of his sentence, Skrapz was granted day releases, which he used to record his sophomore album, 2014’s Skrapz Is Back 2. Later the same year, he released the 80’s Baby mixtape, showcasing his calmer, melodic side for the first time. The following year he released his first album, 2015’s The End of the Beginning, which combined both his darker and lighter styles; the record was popular among fans but Skrapz. The year 2017 saw the release of his second full-length album, 2017’s Different Cloth, which featured guest appearances from the hottest in the UK. After a 4 year break, Skrapz returned to gift his fans with two projects in 2021 in the form of ‘Be Right Back’ early in the summer and ‘80’s Baby’.

The year 2024 is set to be an pivotal year for the rapper, with a new project on the horizon and lots more to come – Skrapz is back and he’s better than ever.