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Jaguar exudes positivity: it’s positively part of her DNA. She enjoys the company of fellow music-loving humans and has a can-do attitude that’s seen her traverse various areas of the music industry, from radio production and party promoter to writer, presenter and of course as a DJ both on Radio 1 and bi-weekly on Reprezent and across Europe as part of her burgeoning DJ career on the road and in the rave. An active member of the LGBTQ+ community, she’s just launched her own party brand Utopia – a perfect moment of
togetherness, colourful sounds and friendly faces. Like almost everything she’s involved with, she’s super-excited about it. She’s part of a D.I.Y. generation with the ability to do anything and everything, and for Jaguar and her peers, that is exactly what they aim to do.
It’s no accident that she has set up a busy WhatsApp group bubbling with daily ideas and ideals for budding and up-and-coming artists, young industry-heads and most importantly, those who love music discover. Jaguar has played an integral part in launching the careers of Prospa, TSHA, Blueprint, India Jordan, Effy and James Organ. In the end, it all comes back to that sense of community.