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Main StageSunday12:50 pm

Formed in 2018 in Liverpool, and releasing their debut single in 2019. Courting formed as an attempt to antidote what they saw as a lack of playful rock music in the city, before slowly merging into weirder and wider territory – From tongue in cheek early singles, Courting gained the support of DJ’s such as Steve Lamacq and Jack Saunders, and even placed as a finalist in the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition.

Before quickly trying to leave the musical box they had created by releasing more ambitious and interesting rock music, at the same time taking on long tours and playing just about every show that would book them in the desire to get themselves heard. Courting released their debut album “Guitar Music”, in 2022 which was created to be a re-evaluation of how people saw “guitar bands”, and a claim that bands can be both fun and artistically progressive at the same time. Courting released their sophomore album on Jan 26th, ‘New Last Name’. A listen unshackled from their post-punk foundations, the record once again subverts the idea of genre and paints a much bigger picture. Brimming with nuance and pop culture references, the only constant is that the Liverpool group maintain their irrepressible sense of abandon.