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Chloé Caillet


Chloé Caillet, a dynamic force in the global dance music scene, hails from New York City and boasts a multifaceted career as a DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and label owner. Her musical journey, influenced by diverse experiences, transcends conventional boundaries, showcasing a harmonious rebellion that blurs genres. Chloé’s early immersion in the music industry, from club promotion to A&R roles at Republic Records, laid the foundation for her creative agency bridging brand partnerships and artists.

Venturing into DJing, she released independent singles and remixes, gaining acclaim and recognition. Chloé’s debut EP, “Intro,” released on Circo Loco Records, marked a milestone in her evolving production work. Notable accolades include features in Pete Tong’s Essential New Tunes and Billboard’s Best New Music list.

Her live performances, from festivals to iconic venues worldwide, reflect a captivating sound embraced by both music and fashion enthusiasts. She has received strong support from i-D, FLAUNT, CRACK, Notion, Wonderland, Metal Magazine and WWD as well as from notable BBC Radio mainstays like Tong and Sarah Story. Chloé’s in-demand sound is also a favourite of the fashion world, where she regularly plays runway afterparties forthe likes of Louis Vuiton, Burberry and Miu Miu.

In 2023, Chloé debuted the first iterations of her free-spirited event concept series and forthcoming label SMIILE in Barcelona and London. The culmination of Chloé’s extensive experience in nightlife coupled with her identity as a queer artist and advocate for fellow creatives, SMIILE embodies her vision of a truly communal space that harnesses the unifying power of music.

As a queer artist, distilling the raw, interrupted energy of rave culture into a single night that celebrates diversity and the purest love for dance music, SMIILE is a community that champions not only music and artists that Chloé personally advocates for, but also fosters an environment where the dance floor dissolves all barriers. With an expanding repertoire and a commitment to authentic self-expression, Chloé Caillet’s star continues to ascend.