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Ollie Twist

Ollie Twist

AnachronicaFriday11:00 pm

AnachronicaFriday2:00 am

AnachronicaSaturday11:00 pm

AnachronicaSaturday2:00 am

AnachronicaSunday11:00 pm

DJ, Producer, Remixer Ollie Twist is an all-around music chameleon, effortlessly traveling between the worlds of hip-hop, Reggaeton, dancehall, and electronic music. Having started producing and Dj’ing from from the age of 13 he’s developed a unique aesthetic and style that creatively connects the dots between different elements of urban underground bass music and culture. Originally raised in london’s booming electronic scene but spending significant time in between travelling frequently to work and produce artists in Africa, the Caribbean, South America and United States he’s a producer who sees past genre’s creating catchy combinations that push musical boundaries that will grab even the most commercially influenced listener while also moving the dance-floor.