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Emerging from the South-Coast town of Worthing in early 2020, the trio (comprising of singer Cody Matthews, guitarist and producer Spencer Tobias-Williams and Connor Cheetham on synths and guitar) have won fans with a sound that combines the much loved Chemical Brothers, Kasabian and The Prodigy, with the living-for-the-weekend lyrics of Happy Mondays and The Streets.

“We’ve always been inspired by these big euphoric bands and we want to emulate what they did. Make the best music we possibly can and go on the road and play to as many people as humanly possible.”

Making music together since the age of 14, the trio were formed out of the ashes of an indie band which eventually ran its course. Working shifts as cleaners at the local hospital by day and working on music at night, their day jobs inspired the trio to create escapist anthems that celebrated the adrenaline rush of letting off steam at the weekend.