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No Rome

A truly global young talent, No Rome was born and raised in Manila, where a unique, rapidly changing cultural landscape spurred his desire to break out and make music.  The most densely populated city in the world – with mountains and the beach also in close proximity in either direction – growing up No Rome found himself in many ways caught in the middle of this “concrete jungle”. Making music was an isolated, DIY operation out of necessity, whilst the ability to reinvent yourself through fashion found few early allies in a hometown so conservative. With the rise of the internet, however, came the potential for No Rome to “get the ideas I wanted out of my brain”, as well as access to a flux of influences (from New Order and The-Dream to Boards of Canada and Timbaland). Time spent in art school also encouraged No Rome to pursue a parallel passion in fashion and design, with last summer’s ‘RIP Indo Hisashi’ EP – a suitably audio-visual project – emerging as a genuine exercise in self-expression.