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BBC Radio 1 StageSaturday5:35 pm


Osaka, Japan-born singer and producer Joji is a multitalented visionary, with a cult following from every corner of the internet. Joji defies convention–his songs characterized by down tempo, melancholic themes and soulful vocals, layered over lush grimy textures, blending elements of trap, folk, electronic, and R&B. Featured everywhere from Nylon to Billboard to VICE News (HBO)
to Hypebeast and beyond, Joji is one of the most inimitable and enthralling new artists in the Internet age.

Joji’s first EP project In Tongues, released last November, has been streamed over 300 million times. It reached #8 on the overall iTunes charts and #1 on the
iTunes R&B charts, with his single “Will He” reaching #1 on Global & US Spotify Viral 50 charts.